NLP Master Practitioner course 2009

NLP Master Practitioner

It’s time to accelerate your personal growth and go through the gears toward the ultimate in NLP training: your Master Practitioner course!

Most people ask questions similar to this when finishing the NLP Practitioner course:

“How long do I need between courses?”

“How much experience should I have had as a Practitioner of NLP before going on to do the NLP Master Practitioner?”

“Should I do a modular course or take it all in one big gulp?”

Here’s my experience on all of these questions: When I took my first NLP training in 1996, it was modular and lasted six months. We had a great group so I have really good memories and gave me the impetus to go further.

I then went to the US as I believed the best training was there. That was an accelerated course and I followed that up back-to-back with my trainers’ training.

I had about 1 year in-between the NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner course.

So, I have experienced modular, accelerated, distance between courses and back-to-back NLP courses.

So what’s the score? Well, it’s horses for courses really. I got what I wanted from each course and have got where I wanted to be in my life from doing them!

The most important factor in all of this was getting the right trainers; no matter how long, short, modular or accelerated, if the training is not sucking your mind beautifully into it, it isn’t going to give you what you want!

You are going to spend about 14 or so days with someone, so it’s a good idea to get to know them a little. I say talk to the trainers themselves; it’s them who will be the most important factor in those precious days.

If you can’t get to talk to the trainer(s), then what does that say about the importance and balance of who or what is important during that process?

That’s why I created the motto for NLP World “taking your training personally”

We mean it!

The way we train NLP, it’s a done deal by the time you have finished doing the days in the training room. You don’t need experience to know what you know already!

When you truly understand a concept or a piece of the NLP training, all there is, is how you use it and in which different ways. Therefore no time is needed in-between. We regularly have people finish the Practitioner and hop on the Master Practitioner within one week. We have had no complaints from anyone doing that so far!

In fact the people who do that are often the most committed and get the most from doing it that way!

We have started to do the NLP Master Practitioner as a modular course just because the times we are in make it more aligned to what people are wanting.

You can take the four day slots and only have to take 2 working days off each time. Also it means you can stagger payments and take small bites instead of a big investment all at once.

Also, it means you can choose exactly when you want to do them. We usually have two a year, so you can take one module and then wait a few months before doing another one if it fits better for you that way.

You can take the modules in any order, which makes the dates even more flexilbe.

You may even decide to take just one or two modules and not the others: Most clients do not ask you if you are a qualified NLP Master Practitioner, usually being a qualified NLP Practitioner is enough.

Here’s a quote from one of our NLP Master Practitioners:

“Terry, thank you so much for a wonderful training session. I am flying so high I don’t think I’ll need to use BA to get to Tampa this week! Before, I knew that I could be a great NLP Practitioner but I didn’t know it, now I do. Thanks again. See ya Viv” Vivien Melanie

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