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…once again, you have been an absolute star, and am in awe at both you and Adam, in your ability to convey such complex information to a range of people with different educational and experiential backgrounds. I feel that without any doubt I made the right choice in being trained by you…
Andrew Wright Senior Performance Adviser South East. Youth Justice Board for England & Wales

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    One dictionary definition is that values are the principles and beliefs which a person or group think are important. Most often values are unconscious, and have been inherited from our parents or culture, or decided upon at a young age and never re-evaluated, so we can end up with values that are not congruent with who we really are. […]
  • The Now State | NLP World
    The NOW state Being in the NOW state is a gift that is why it is called the present. However, like all gifts, the receiver determines its worth. Meaning that the giver needs to intimately know how that gift will satisfy the needs or wants of the receiver. It is like giving someone that does not drink alcohol a fine bottle of single malt scotch or telling a […]
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    What is totally surprising to me is this state of curiosity, passion, exploration and playful learning that I was not too much accustomed to. That is, I can really give myself now the time to explore, to play with the tools […]
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    Conversational anchoring is the newest version of how to transfer states from one place to another or how to link high states to old negativities and collapse them. An alternative way to anchor a subject *without* touching them and so improving your rapport! Terry shows how to pick up on the tiniest movements and "play them back" to fire off the subject's state. Included is a more up to date session with conversational anchoring. […]
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    Fibro warrior to transformational coach Dr Yvette Ankrah MBE When I decided to do the NLP practitioner course, it had been years in the making. Around 15 years ago, I read an article in a magazine and decided that I needed to try a session of NLP. I travelled from London down to Brighton for my session and at the time it made a big difference. Fast forward […]