NLP Practitioner in Spain

nlp training in Spain

Information about our NLP Practitioner Course in Spain. This is our fully inclusive nine day NLP training at Lalita Devi Escuela de Vidaon the West Coast of Spain. Nearest airports are Madrid and Lisbon. The dates are 30th May – 7th June 2020. This special training is fully inclusive of accomodation and food. In fact once you arrive, you need nothing else for the rest of your training days. You … Continue Reading

Sensory Awareness with NLP

I made a transcript of a sensory awareness with NLP session from a training I delivered recently. This was a live training in the aspects of sensory awareness with NLP, therefore the grammar of written English may be somewhat compromised at times: What we’re going to look at now is one of the cornerstones of NLP. One of the cornerstones actually of any kind of relating and communicating and listening … Continue Reading

NLP Techniques


The purpose of the NLP techniques that we teach are to give a practitioner a back-drop to how to play with the inner world. The techniques are simply examples or ways of playing with the internal representations that give meaning to our realities.
Of course we have a huge variety of NLP techniques in the family of NLP, yet, as I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, the techniques are the least important part of how NLP really works

NLP & Golf

adam sprackling golf nlp coach

I’ve been writing articles on the mental game for some time now and more often than not I find myself writing “…in golf, and life…”. This is because the keys to finding success and fulfillment in golf are often exactly the same as the keys to finding success and fulfillment in life. Through my coaching and training over the last 15 years, I’ve been lucky enough to help literally thousands of people lead extremely happy and fulfilled lives. I’d like to share with you 10 parallels I have noticed to help inspire you to more success and fulfilment in both. Here they are:

Reframing: Thinking Outside The Box

"Think outside of the box" written over and across the outline of a box

How can you think of things that no-one else thinks of? The answer is by deliberately reframing or taking a different approach to the issue from everyone else. There are dominant ideas in every field. The brilliant thinker purposefully challenges those dominant ideas in order to think with innovation.

Memory and NLP

sensory awareness

What I did instead was to ask him “what do you think about yourself having a poor memory?” He replied, “I feel stupid”. I said, “let’s work on that then instead!”

How do I earn money as an NLP Coach?

oscar wilde quote imagination

How do I earn money as an NLP Coach? Terry Elston gives some solid and abstract answers.

NLP, Language & Mind Body Connection

mind body connection

The mind-body link from NLP concerns neurotransmitters. Deepak Chopra was mainly responsible for outlining that brain neurotransmitters used to be regarded as belonging ONLY to the brain and no-where else. He showed that they bathe every cell in the body (therefore every cell/organ/bone in your body is listening to every thought). Einstein (E = Mc2) shows that energy has a direct relationship with matter; energy is latent matter and obviously effects matter. Conversely, matter is condensed energy, (hence the term it ‘matters’ or doesn’t matter).

What is NLP?

what is nlp?

What is NLP? An article all about the beginnings, and the nature of what NLP is really all about

ABC of Abundant Living book

The ABC of Abundant Living | Book Cover | NLP World

The ABC of Abundant Living is now published as an ebook! Terry has spent the last year putting everything he knows about the laws of attraction, creative thinking and a few esoteric principles into The ABC of Abundant Living book.

Live for the day (Carpe Diem)

carpe diem

Here’s a few quotes that inspired me – some from the movie Dead Poets Society, with Robin Williams; Carpe Diem.

NLP Sports and failure

Photograph of a child having fun on a slide | NLP World.

The element of fear of losing can be a motivating factor. Lynford Christie, one of England’s best athletes, used fear to drive him on. Yet far too many athletes just worry too much about failure, are afraid to make mistakes and fail. They mistakenly believe that the worst thing that could ever happen to them is to lose or mess up.

NLP & Motivation in Sports 2

brian havanna

Firstly, think of your goals in your sport. Picture how important it is for you to achieve what you want. Get into about how much you want to make the starting line-up or get the call up to your chosen team. It’s a good tool using NLP in sports to have a motivating reason for anything you do, yet when you have touched on the emotion of what you want, be prepared to let the goals go!

NLP & Motivation in Sports 1

hurdles on a running track

You can always do more than you think. You can always do better than your best. Limits and handicaps are placed in your life for you to overcome them. They are not put there as a reason to whine. You can always do more than you think. You can always do better than your best. Limits and handicaps are placed in your life for you to overcome them. They are not put there as a reason to whine.

NLP Life Coaching

Two NLP coaches in action | NLP World.

Using NLP, you will be able to stretch your newly learned mastery of language and communication into all aspects of your life, improving your whole way of being, as well as changing the lives of those around you for the better.

NLP and effective self-change

Two NLP coaches in action | NLP World.

I asked a good friend recently what he wanted to know about NLP. He replied “How does NLP work with effective self change?”
So this post is my answer to how NLP works with effective self-change, or self transformation. When you think of developmental stages in your life, there will always be patterns of change. So what is self-change and how come it doesn’t just happen automatically? Through the eyes of an NLP Practitioner, you’ll see that all change is unconscious.

Synchronicity and NLP

Image of a road sign pointing to success and failure| NLP World.

Even if you don’t believe in this concept, it doesn’t matter. Things are going to happen whether you believe that things around you are intimately connected to you or not!

Inspiring Quotes from Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln - Matte Collodion Print by Alexander Gardener

And what makes man so inspired, so intelligent and so creative in his life? Look below and perhaps you’ll begin to see the character:

NLP and Planetary systems

Image of atoms floating in space | NLP World.

I imagine that’s a surprise for some of you that we have written an article on NLP and planetary systems! In the climate we are experiencing today with…

NLP & Positive Thinking

Photograph of a young girl blowing seeds off a flower | NLP World.

Some people may assume that NLP has a lot to do with positive thinking, affirmations and being ‘happy’. In fact, NLP has a lot to say about positive thinking and being, yet the story is more involved than that….

No such thing as failure…

Image of a road sign pointing to success and failure| NLP World.

Let’s have a look at the concept of failure. The next time you proceed to beat yourself up, overly judge yourself or blame… consider this often quoted Neuro-Linguistic Programming Presupposition: There is No Such Thing as Failure, Only Feedback.

How is Hypnosis different to NLP?

Featured image of Hypnosis Watches | NLP World

I get often get asked this question when I’m running my NLP and Hypnosis trainings around the world. The simple and most ‘chunked up’ answer is that they are the same, but have differences. In fact, some of the NLP you see and hear has come from modelling hypnosis techniques and then having the desire to find out how to get similar results with clients, yet with eyes open.

NLP Training – Right And Left Brain Dominance

Please read this as research, as I can say there’s a lot more to this subject that is true and deeper than has been written here. In NLP training, we know that the eye patterns are just about written in stone as to how they work and they ALWAYS conform to certain rules. Here, we are looking at some of the characteristics of left and right brain activities and what they MAY mean.

NLP and Your Values

HR and NLP

One dictionary definition is that values are the principles and beliefs which a person or group think are important. Most often values are unconscious, and have been inherited from our parents or culture, or decided upon at a young age and never re-evaluated, so we can end up with values that are not congruent with who we really are.

NLP Training – Confidence


The truth is that, although the word confidence exists as some kind of entity in the world, the word confidence can be taken out of the dictionary as it doesn’t actually exist at all in reality!

Peripheral Vision or The Learning State

When we teach our delegates NLP in seven days, we need techniques that can assist them to learn in the first place! That’s why we teach Peripheral Vision or The Learning State right at the very start of any training.