Sensory Awareness with NLP

I made a transcript of a sensory awareness NLP session from a training I delivered recently. This was a live training in the aspects of sensory awareness with NLP, therefore the grammar of written English may be somewhat compromised at times: What we’re going to look at now is one of the cornerstones of NLP. One of the cornerstones actually of any kind of relating and communicating and listening with … Continue Reading



Connection and Interconnectedness by Wesley Kew, Clinical Psychologist The desire for connection, unity or just physical closeness runs deep in our veins. Some may say that it is inherent in our DNA and that we are in fact social animals. On many levels, I agree with all of the above, because, as they say, the only way to predict future results is by looking at the past. Applying this statement … Continue Reading

The Presuppositions of Success and Failure


The Presuppositions of Success and Failure: Written by Wesley Kew and Terry Elston How often have you really wanted to do something or see somebody else doing something and uttered, “ I wish I could do that”. Instead of just getting started, we proceed to list all the reasons why we would not be able to do it. I mean who am I to think that I can do a … Continue Reading

The Now State | NLP World

The NOW state Being in the NOW is a gift that is why it is called the present. However, like all gifts, the receiver determines its worth. Meaning that the giver needs to intimately know how that gift will satisfy the needs or wants of the receiver. It is like giving someone that does not drink alcohol a fine bottle of single malt scotch or telling a 10-year old that … Continue Reading

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ANLP Conference

Of all the years I have been presenting and attending the ANLP conference, April 2017 has to be up there with the best. Yet if I were pushed to say what made these days stand out from the others I would say it was more of the feel of the event. Yes it was well organised – plus communication before during and after outstanding; but my enjoyment of these kind … Continue Reading

The Psychology of NLP

Compare CBT with NLP

The Psychology of NLP written by Wesley Kew, Clinical Psychologist The Psychology of NLP. What I love most about NLP is its effectiveness. However, this effectiveness is built upon the client wanting to re-map some behaviour or decision-making pattern. This re-mapping/change only comes into play once the current behaviour, experience or decisions are causing unbearable or discomfort/pain to bring about change. I regularly have patients sitting in my ‘change-chair’, only … Continue Reading

Compare CBT with NLP

Sensory Acuity placeholder image

Let’s compare CBT with NLP and see the sameness or differences. What came first the chicken of the egg? We may not have time to return the whole philosophy of Genesis, yet we can look at CBT vs NLP! Recently, I was confronted by a statement that almost had me veer from my NOW State and had me thinking that the map was, in fact, the territory. I was having … Continue Reading

The hero and the habit

the hero and the habit

In the world of X-Men, super heroes, victims and persecutors, who really are the true heroes? Are our heroes the visible, physical strength based archetypes, or something else? In a crowd of people if the archetypical hero sees a person falling into a body of water and in distress, they would likely have a knee-jerk animal response to saving that person. And if that knee-jerk reaction is purely from an … Continue Reading

Presuppositions for life

presuppositions for life

Step by step: it’s as easy as your ABC’s I had amazing success using sports psychology with the under 17’s South African girls water polo team winning the Gold Medal in 2016. I armed myself with just one presupposition which I knew would work the best for these girls, There is no failure, only feedback. Then I knew how powerful these were going to be in my life and work! … Continue Reading

The Psychology of Rapport

the psychology of rapport

The Psychology of Rapport – or unconditional positive regards as the psychological fraternity calls it, is a powerful yet elegant tool. In my opinion its elegance is founded in its simplicity (at first glance). If one had to take a simplistic or even reductionist view of rapport or the art of facilitating rapport, one can be forgiven for thinking and feeling that is almost too simple. However, as Einstein reminds … Continue Reading

What happens after your NLP Practitioner course?

what happens after your nlp practitioner

I finished my Practitioner training with Terry a couple of weeks ago. I came back home very enthusiastic -willing to revise the manual and my notes so that I can start using the NLP tools with my clients. But you know how it is. You get home, there are tons of stuff to do, I had one booking after another and so I had no time to revise anything whatsoever. … Continue Reading

One of those clients

relationships nlp

One of those clients – The day nothing could be done I recently had what we in the psychotherapy business call, one of those patients. The type of patient that stubbornly and resourcefully clings to their beliefs. Regardless of what the environment/feedback is telling them (even that the earth is flat.) The kind of patient that inwardly really does mean well, however, the harder they seek to help, the less … Continue Reading

The James Dean Effect – do you have what it takes?

james dean nlp

I recently delivered an impromptu speech, which I felt (and was told) went rather well and was filled with veracity. However, the reality of this ‘impromptu’ speech is that I had spent the last 8 years preparing it. Few people fully appreciate and understand what it takes to appear like you put in no effort. Personally I blame mass media for perpetuating the idea of immediate fame and overnight greatness … Continue Reading

NLP Online Training App

nlp online training app

The NLP Online Training App series is a way to keep up with your NLP learning, whilst on the go, on the train, or even in the cafe. I developed the course, with the assistance of Amy Humphries a while back, and included the best quality images, the best sound management I could find and then sections from live client sessions, to make the whole thing be as real as … Continue Reading

NLP and The Magic of Language

SpaceX timelapse photo symbolising journey through time and space

Neuro Linguistic Programming came to my eyes and ears over 20 years ago. The whole area of NLP and The Magic of language has been fascinating me ever since – and maybe even before. The conscious use of language can take a person on a journey through space and time like they could never imagine. But where have these language patterns come from? How do they work? How can you … Continue Reading

NLP and Psychology

Wesley Kew profile

NLP and Psychology By Wesley Kew, Clinical Psychologist. I was recently asked about the similarities and differences that exist between NLP and Psychology. As the conversation expanded and moved toward the inevitable question “which one is your favourite?”, I was taken aback as my mind scurried to find an adequate and insightful answer. Alas, very little sounded nor felt authentic so I did what all the greats do when pushed … Continue Reading

What is NLP?

what is nlp?

What is NLP? One of the most difficult questions to answer is the basic learner’s initial comment “What is NLP”? Or What is Neuro Linguistic Programming? Yet even experienced practitioners should still be asking that question! To answer it, we will have to uncover what underpins the thinking and being of a skilled NLP practitioner. Many NLP trainers may also be surprised to find that what they teach isn’t actually … Continue Reading

The Art of Completion

the art of completion

The Art of Completion The time of year gives us some recognition of our own human processes of life. At this time, in the West, it’s the Winter Solstice. Even if you look at the path of the sun each day, it rises in the east and sets in the west. Hence the notion of completion, the end. Yet, as most stories go, there isn’t really an end. There is … Continue Reading

Kissing self development

make love with life

Kissing self development by Wesley Kew – Clinical Psychologist I recently had the pleasure of re-experiencing a kiss that I had, had many times before. However, this time was different it was a kiss of epic proportion. It was akin to the first real passionate kiss. Reminding me of a kiss that made time stop, that kiss that makes you believe in a power greater than you. It was the … Continue Reading

NLP Master Practitioner 2017

Accredited NLP Master Practitioner Training Course | NLP World

The all new NLP Master Practitioner 2017 program has been scheduled for this April, and we already have a great group attending. Why do the Masters course with NLP World? What’s special about the NLP Master Practitioner training, is the level of autonomy each participant has. This is a much different feel to the practitioner, as we show you the law of least effort of how to cause change and … Continue Reading

Spider Phobia Cure

Spider Phobia Cure Spider Phobia Cured by Jacki Hickman Williams “This testimony doesn’t do justice to how Jacki has changed my life. I have always had a phobia of spiders, and I mean phobia! Just the mere thought of having a spider in my house would reduce me to tears. It was starting to take over my life so when I met Jacki I jumped at the chance to change … Continue Reading

Synchronicity – on the edge

synchronocity and accidents picture

Synchronicity – on the edge. It looks like Donald Trump is the winner. Many people are holding their heads and wondering, “how can this be?” Similarly, there was almost disbelief when the Brexit pole was announced. How could the UK divide themselves against Europe? How you view these events will be, most probably, how you view life itself. If you are comfortable in life, have things in place and in … Continue Reading

Client Breakthrough Session with NLP Overview

Below is a good structure for a client breakthrough session with NLP Overview. Natalie Rae performed this session and outlined excellently, the structure and process for how to get yourself and your client mentally ready for the journey ahead. Pre-session discussions: (Client) said that she wants to work on her weight and her confidence. I used Meta model and some questions to understand more about the problem and the context … Continue Reading

Master Practitioner NLP

We successfully completed the Master Practitioner NLP 2016 on Sunday and everyone had a huge breakthrough in their understanding of NLP and their belief in themselves! The flavour of the days was to get everyone into the understanding of NLP, rather than just giving you more techniques and tips. When each person bought into how the core structure of how beliefs work, and how people make sense of their worlds … Continue Reading

Understanding what we say

Terry Elston with Client, in practise

What is it that you and me are continually saying to ourselves about ourselves? All too often I find myself rambling on in my head… about me, to me… only to realise that I am my own worst enemy. You see, as S. Kassel highlights, doubt will kill more dreams than failure ever will or could. Because, doubt does not even give rise to the possibility of starting. As the … Continue Reading