Sensory Awareness with NLP

I made a transcript of a sensory awareness with NLP session from a training I delivered recently. This was a live training in the aspects of sensory awareness with NLP, therefore the grammar of written English may be somewhat compromised at times: What we’re going to look at now is one of the cornerstones of NLP. One of the cornerstones actually of any kind of relating and communicating and listening … Continue Reading

What is an NLP Practitioner?

NLP Accreditation

I often get asked “What is an NLP Practitioner?” Or even “What is NLP?” How did NLP come into being? NLP came about through the process of modelling other spectacular performers in the fields of Family Therapy (Virginia Satir), Gestalt Therapy (Fritz Perls), Linguistics (Gregory Bateson – and others) and Hypnotherapy (Milton Erickson). Both NLP and coaching have very broad definitions that are process rather than content oriented. Here are … Continue Reading

Clinical Hypnosis & NLP

two people in hypnosis

Clinical Hypnosis & NLP – an article to show the differences or sameness of NLP and hypnosis, even in the corporate field. Written by Terry Elston

NLP training – VAKOG


In NLP training, we call the world that we express ourselves internally and externally, the VAKOG (visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, olfactory and gustatory). The latter two there refer to smell and taste. Later in this piece we give you a test to see what your preferences are..

How is Hypnosis different to NLP?

Featured image of Hypnosis Watches | NLP World

I get often get asked this question when I’m running my NLP and Hypnosis trainings around the world. The simple and most ‘chunked up’ answer is that they are the same, but have differences. In fact, some of the NLP you see and hear has come from modelling hypnosis techniques and then having the desire to find out how to get similar results with clients, yet with eyes open.

Presenting Skills NLP style!

terry elston presenting nlp

I’ve seen a lot of presenters and a lot of those have been using presenting skills NLP style! So what’s different about NLP presentation skills? When I did my trainers course in 1999, I hadn’t much of an idea what goes into an excellent presentation. Isn’t it just about being confident and being yourself? No, not at all as I was about to find out. Confidence has little to do … Continue Reading

NLP Training: The Law of Attraction

Two hands overflowing with berries

How is it that so many people cannot get the Law of Attraction to work to their advantage? All people experienced with NLP and having gone through NLP Training would ask this simple question…

NLP Coaching

nlp group

NLP coaching can have many different meanings, depending on whom you were to talk to. In this article, we intend to give you some insights on what we see a coach as, and how you can set yourself up as a an NLP coach and

NLP Presentation skills

Photograph of an audience clapping | NLP World.

NLP presentation skills are more about how to communicate with your body and tone of voice rather than having slick language.

What is Hypnosis?

Featured image of Hypnosis Watches | NLP World

You and I may have some ideas, yet what hypnosis really is, is pretty much misunderstood.

NLP coaching – Eye Patterns

There is no doubt that one of the most fascinating and at the same time controversial aspects of what Richard Bandler and John Grinder modeled in the 1970s, was eye accessing queues. Eye Patterns.

NLP Training Metaphors

Terry Elston with Client, in practise

Training Metaphors. Terry Elston gives examples of how and when to use story metaphors to help, guide and aide clients to positive states

NLP Training – The Human Communication Model

diagram of the human communication model

The Human Communication Model is an important subject that we cover early on our NLP Training courses. It explains how we process and use information and how this affects our state, physiology and behaviour. In order to make changes it is necessary to…

NLP Practitioner – The Learning State

Blue cloudy sky with boy climbing ladder

Possibly one of the most powerful and useful tools that we will teach you on our NLP Practitioner course is The Learning State (also called Peripheral Vision and Hakalau). The Learning State is a resourceful state for learning where you widen the use of your senses in order to increase your ability to take in, utilize and store information.

NLP Training – The Power of Commitment

Terry Elston looks at the value of The Power of Commitment looks at what commitment really is and examples of it in various different scenarios.

What is commitment?

relationships nlp

What is commitment? An article determining what the real definition is. Most people think it’s about who you commit to, rather than finding your path

NLP Practitioner – Presuppositions of NLP

presuppositions of nlp

Presuppositions of NLP – there are about 19 presuppositions of NLP, all of them are convenient beliefs that should be empowering for the therapist

Relieve fear of public speaking with NLP

relieve fear of public speaking

Once you feel you have it, wipe the screen clear. Now imagine yourself at a point in the future where you are about to go on and speak publicly. Imagine yourself taking a moment, taking deep breaths.

NLP Practitioner – Hierarchy of ideas – Language for change

The Hierarchy of Ideas – NLP techniques to traverse the ladder of linguistics to have a bigger picture, or specifics from your client

NLP Training – Sensory Awareness

sensory awareness

Are you consciously aware of what is going on around you or inside of you?
How do you know what is really being said or motioned toward you?
Do you know if someone is lying or not?

NLP Training – The Milton Model – Language for change

B&W photo of Milton Erickson

The Milton Model is one of the famous techniques inside the NLP family. Of course it’s not about the techniques at all as you may want to read further

NLP Training – Meta Model

Picture explaining the Metal Model | NLP World.

The meta-model in NLP or neuro-linguistic programming (or meta-model of therapy) is a set of questions designed to specify information, challenge and expand the limits to a person’s model of the world.

NLP and Coaching

NLP and Coaching

With that in mind, NLP is the law of least effort, because you could spend hours coaching and developing skill-sets which may or may not get the desired results. It depends, to a large extent, whether the individual has limiting beliefs or conflicts in the Values system….

The Magic of NLP

The Magic of NLP

The Magic of NLP by Suzana Panasia, Master Practitioner of NLP

Cryptocurrency and NLP

cryptocurrency and NLP

What has Cryptocurrency and NLP got in common?  Cryptocurrency and NLP have quite a few similarities. NLP teaches us that the world around us is made primarily of perceptions: That what we perceive as valuable IS valuable. What we believe to be damaging WILL be damaging. A kind of self-prophesying universe. If you watch the movie Tomorrowland, you will have the idea completely.  With Cryptocurrencies, there are a number of parallels. … Continue Reading

Which is the best NLP Training?

nlp training room

Which is the best NLP Training? It certainly is a minefield when you are looking – but what signs should you be looking for?