Sensory Awareness with NLP

I made a transcript of a sensory awareness with NLP session from a training I delivered recently. This was a live training in the aspects of sensory awareness with NLP, therefore the grammar of written English may be somewhat compromised at times: What we’re going to look at now is one of the cornerstones of NLP. One of the cornerstones actually of any kind of relating and communicating and listening … Continue Reading

The advantages of Time Based Techniques for NLP Practitioners

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The advantages of Time Based Techniques for NLP Practitioners Throughout my time as a Master Practitioner of NLP, I have worked with a wide variety of clients with varying life challenges to solve. Time Based Techniques have been a critical part of success within every client session, it is my favourite technique of the whole NLP collection. I am aware that Time-based Techniques is not included in every NLP Practitioner … Continue Reading

NLP Perceptual Positions

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NLP Perceptual Positions One of the many techniques in the NLP toolkit is NLP Perceptual Positions, which is an immensely powerful method for resolving conflict and strengthening relationships. Have you ever been really frustrated during an interaction and continued to hold unwanted feelings in your system? It’s important to address issues as they arise, as keeping them in your system can be a killer for your personal and professional relationships. … Continue Reading

HR and NLP Communication Tools

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HR and NLP Communication Tools: The courage to challenge   NLP is a powerful set of tools for HR professionals because it helps us develop unrivalled Stakeholder relationships and meet the key requirements of our role. The CIPD Profession Map tells us to have the courage to challenge, it is one of our core behaviours as HR professionals. There are clear guidelines set out for us by the CIPD in … Continue Reading

NLP language tips for HR professionals

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NLP language tips for HR professionals Talking to you as an HR professional, you probably spend the majority of your time communicating and influencing. That’s why I’ve written this article on NLP language tips for HR professionals, to show you how NLP can be so valuable in HR. Having worked in HR for many years I have experienced the incredible impact of NLP language techniques and how that applies to … Continue Reading

Why is NLP useful for HR Professionals?

HR and NLP

Why is NLP useful for HR Professionals? If you’re in HR and have heard about NLP, you might be wondering what exactly it is and how it could help you in your HR role. Why is NLP useful for HR Professionals? With demands on the HR professional ever increasing, I wanted to write this article to give you an insight into how NLP can help you develop a winning people … Continue Reading

How Words Work with Neuro Linguistic Programming

nlp perceptual positions

How Words Work with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Words are like a Map for your mind, guiding you where you want to go. Imagine someone comes to you and says “I am lost, I knew the way but now I am lost”. By searching, choosing and speaking the best words you have in your vocabulary – almost like magic you guide them to their destination. For instance, what will happen … Continue Reading

Can NLP Help Your Child With School Phobia?

school phobia

Can NLP Help Your Child With School Phobia? Is every school morning a battle? Does your child cry, complain of stomach cramps or refuse to let go of you in the playground? Is your teen anxious, withdrawn and refusing to go in at all. Did you consider this as school phobia? If it’s possible you are dealing with school phobia – and you’re certainly not alone. Whilst statistics for school … Continue Reading

Life Begins at 40

life begins at 40

They say that life begins at 40. I wonder why? They say that, in fact, we are what we repeatedly do – but are you actually aware of what you do. How often are you seeking to hide what you do from the outside world? Do you become filled with shame, anger, regret, disdain or self-deprecation after you see the trail of destruction left by you having ‘fun’? One premise … Continue Reading

NLP Master Practitioner 2018

nlp master practitioner 2018

NLP Master Practitioner 2018. The most amazing course of my life. From the feedback forms we gave out we scored MORE than the highest numbers on the forms. People put extra numbers from the top ones and told us how incredible the journey was. What makes a course run so well? Having the right people does help the course move smoothly. Twenty Three people in an enclosed space can be … Continue Reading

Online NLP Presentation Skills

presentation skills

The new Online NLP Presentation Skills course is the best of our live trainings, brought to you via professionally filmed media. This Online Presentation Skills course has been taken from a recent NLP Master Practitioner course, bringing you up to date material. Terry Elston is the presenter (AIP, ANLP, CPD Presenter, Comensa, The Coaching Society, Trainer of NLP, Trainer of Hypnosis), so expect the structure and process of the media … Continue Reading

ANLP and ANLP India accreditation

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ANLP and ANLP India accreditation What’s an NLP Accreditation for? I was recently ‘gifted’ an accreditation to ANLP India. Although this is very nice to be thought of and given things for free, I had to ask the question “Why? what’s in it for them?” And, who on earth are ANLP India? In fact, I do know the origins of ANLP India as I worked closely with David Lincoln at … Continue Reading

Online Master NLP Practitioner Training

online nlp master practitioner course

We’ve just introduced our Online Master NLP Practitioner Training. It’s quite unique in as much as over 90% of this Online NLP Master Practitioner Course is live, professionally filmed footage. We used the film company AVT to film and edit the journey. The other 10% of your Online Master NLP Practitioner Training are amazing quality PowerPoint displays, developed by Amy Humpries. I’ve dropped in examples of the live footage and … Continue Reading

NLP Master Practitioner Case Study 1 – continued

master nlp practitioner

This is the continued session performed by Marion Mitchell started last week. To see the first part of the article click here: Session 4 We explored in more detail the importance of body language – mirroring and matching. Whole body matching Body part matching Half body matching Head/shoulders angle patterns Vocal (analog) qualities Verbal Facial expressions Gestures Repetitive phrasing Breathing We worked through several examples. I suggested that if possible … Continue Reading

NLP Master Practitioner Case Study 1

NLP Master Practitioner Case Study

Here are a series of case studies carried out by NLP Master Practitioner Marion Mitchell. This case study was undertaken to gain qualification as Master Practitioner of NLP at the Masters level. NLP Master Practitioner Case Study 1 Background The client had recently received a promotion and as a result was going to have to regularly present on a formal basis to the Board.  He was used to handling informal … Continue Reading



Dependence There are many ways you can look at Dependence as a Practitioner. You can look at those aspects physically, as in food and drink, drug dependence; or from an abstract viewpoint – a mental psychological viewpoint. The whole notion of dependence would be that an outside influence has a ‘hold’ over someone. That the person cannot resist an aspect of that outside influence, and it is detrimental in some … Continue Reading

Certified Online NLP Course

online nlp training

Is there such a thing as a “Certified Online NLP Course?” Of course there isn’t! People who claim such things are simply trying to get your money from you and sell their NLP online courses to you. To get any certified online NLP course accredited, you’d have to be recognised by one of the major NLP bodies in the world. Who are the main certified NLP accreditation organisations? For the … Continue Reading

What is an NLP Practitioner?

nlp certification

I often get asked “What is an NLP Practitioner?” Or even “What is NLP?” Let’s start with how NLP came into being: NLP came about through the process of modelling other spectacular performers in the fields of Family Therapy (Virginia Satir), Gestalt Therapy (Fritz Perls), Linguistics (Gregory Bateson – and others) and Hypnotherapy (Milton Erickson). Both NLP and coaching have very broad definitions that are process rather than content oriented. … Continue Reading



Connection and Interconnectedness by Wesley Kew, Clinical Psychologist The desire for connection, unity or just physical closeness runs deep in our veins. Some may say that it is inherent in our DNA and that we are in fact social animals. On many levels, I agree with all of the above, because, as they say, the only way to predict future results is by looking at the past. Applying this statement … Continue Reading

The Presuppositions of Success and Failure

nlp perceptual positions

The Presuppositions of Success and Failure: Written by Wesley Kew and Terry Elston How often have you really wanted to do something or see somebody else doing something and uttered, “ I wish I could do that”. Instead of just getting started, we proceed to list all the reasons why we would not be able to do it. I mean who am I to think that I can do a … Continue Reading

The Now State | NLP World

The NOW state Being in the NOW state is a gift that is why it is called the present. However, like all gifts, the receiver determines its worth. Meaning that the giver needs to intimately know how that gift will satisfy the needs or wants of the receiver. It is like giving someone that does not drink alcohol a fine bottle of single malt scotch or telling a 10-year old … Continue Reading

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ANLP Conference

Of all the years I have been presenting and attending the ANLP conference, April 2017 has to be up there with the best. Yet if I were pushed to say what made these days stand out from the others I would say it was more of the feel of the event. Yes it was well organised – plus communication before during and after outstanding; but my enjoyment of these kind … Continue Reading

The Psychology of NLP

Compare CBT with NLP

The Psychology of NLP written by Wesley Kew, Clinical Psychologist The Psychology of NLP. What I love most about NLP is its effectiveness. However, this effectiveness is built upon the client wanting to re-map some behaviour or decision-making pattern. This re-mapping/change only comes into play once the current behaviour, experience or decisions are causing unbearable or discomfort/pain to bring about change. I regularly have patients sitting in my ‘change-chair’, only … Continue Reading

Compare CBT with NLP

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Let’s compare CBT with NLP and see the sameness or differences. What came first the chicken of the egg? We may not have time to return the whole philosophy of Genesis, yet we can look at CBT vs NLP! Recently, I was confronted by a statement that almost had me veer from my NOW State and had me thinking that the map was, in fact, the territory. I was having … Continue Reading

The hero and the habit

the hero and the habit

In the world of X-Men, super heroes, victims and persecutors, who really are the true heroes? Are our heroes the visible, physical strength based archetypes, or something else? In a crowd of people if the archetypical hero sees a person falling into a body of water and in distress, they would likely have a knee-jerk animal response to saving that person. And if that knee-jerk reaction is purely from an … Continue Reading