Music for Therapists and Clients

Written by Terry Elston

mp3 image

Music for therapists (or clients) is a product that took me a long time to develop.

When I first became a Practitioner, it was so hard to find good background music that wasn’t too cheesy and could be used for music for clients or music for therapists.

Eventually I have made some myself with all my knowledge of sound and how it affects the brain. As a therapist for clients, or if you just want music to relax with whilst causing brain synchronisation, then this is for you.

I made the tracks to give you a pleasant yet transformational effect which you can make very obvious to clients or yourself, or just keep in the background as a deeply relaxing ‘wash’.

Made with background sea and birds recorded by myself from the India Ocean and exotic forests to give you a deeper and more natural experience for your mind and body. This music track is also embedded with brain entrainment waves and binaural beats for a really deep, beautiful experience! 55 minutes.

Relaxing music for you or clients (all come with BE and Binaural beats)