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Break State

A break state is a sudden change in the context of speaking or movement that changes a persons state quickly.

An example would be to conjure a picture in your mind, once you have done this, open your eyes and clear your mind by stretching and looking around the room. In NLP, this is called a break state. Another example is, after doing an exercise; break state by thinking about smelling flowers.

It is also when you break from the state completely by thinking or talking about or doing something completely different like listening to a piece of music, reading the paper, doing some exercise.

Breaking the state is very important as it serves to leave one state behind and enter into a ‘neutral state’. This helps to reduce or even stop the residue or contamination from one state to another. It acts like a bridge. People sometimes find it difficult going from one state to another, especially if they are both powerful states. The break state acts as a stepping stone, a bridge that is neutral to both states.

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