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Feedback in NLP is the results of your being able to reflect on your last actions to influence your next step.

We place high levels of importance on feedback at NLP World. Our courses provide training in how to give feedback so that the unconscious mind likes it and takes it on.

We have found that all learning and change is unconscious, which happens when your unconscious mind feels safe and willing to take on the information/feedback given.

The process of feedback in NLP is:

Firstly, be in the right state. Being in the NLP ‘Now State’ sets your mind up to be aware and receive all of the information you need.

Being in control of your state is critical for engaging with others and their unconscious minds.

Secondly, you need NLP Rapport.

When delivering the feedback to an individual, you start with raising what the individual has or is doing well. Then you go on to highlight what they can improve.

Conscious use of language is key when delivering feedback, there are words which block the feedback being received by the unconscious mind, words such as BUT.

If you say a sentence like:

I love the tone you use when speaking with clients BUT you can still work on the quality of your questions.

The ‘BUT’ is like a trapdoor that every word you said before falls through and all that’s left is what you said after the BUT.

Another word to watch out for is the word ‘TRY’, the unconscious mind doesn’t need to TRY. It’s powerful enough to simply make it happen. The unconscious mind likes clear direction. When you say the word TRY, it’s implying there may be a reason why the person can’t achieve what you’re asking. In NLP we believe that people have all the resources they need and we are all powerful beings able to create our results.

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