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Law Of Requisite Variety

In NLP the Law of Requisite Variety in a given physical system, is that part of the system with the greatest flexibility of behaviour will control the system.

The Law of Requisite Variety is a pre-supposition of NLP and a key belief to enable us to achieve more and have more joy in our life.

The more flexible we are, the more we can adjust and operate at our best in any given situation.

When you have a limited or closed-in view, it’s possible that great insights are being missed. If you are open-minded and flexible with your thinking and your communication, you can attract better results in all aspects of your life.

Flexibility is a fundamental attribute for NLP Practitioners, because if you can be flexible enough to understand your clients’ model of the world you can be better equipped to facilitate change.

The Law of Requisite Variety is a core belief of advanced communicators. Flexible communicators can appeal to wider audiences and develop relationships with a wider range of people, leading to enhanced reputation and results.

It is often a challenge to see outside of your own viewpoint, that’s why most credible NLP courses will train the beliefs and pre-suppositions first before any techniques. The underlying approach and attitude is fundamental for the success of NLP.

Operating with the The Law of Requisite Variety enhances conscious awareness of how to get the most out of interactions with others. For example, you can be flexible in your communication, using language that best suits the preferred representational system of those you are communicating with.

Living by the NLP Pre-supposition of The Law of Requisite Variety goes hand in hand with curiosity. Flexible communicators seek to understand and ask enough questions to see the situation from the clients’ angle before working on changing that viewpoint.




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