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NLP Parts are a portion of the unconscious mind, often having conflicting beliefs and values that are different from the rest (whole) of the system.

Often you can hear when someone has a parts conflict within the system because they may say phrases such as:

Part of me wants to and part of me doesn’t

On the one hand I know this would be good for me, on the other hand I have concerns

On the one side I feel that this would be a good decision, the other side of me feels it’s better to stay where I am

If your client has an NLP Parts conflict then they will give you signs both verbally and non-verbally. In many cases you will see their hands positioned very far apart and one hand will represent one view and the other hand will represent the counter view.

When there are conflicting Parts, it can be very tiring for the system. It can often be the blocker that prevents clients reaching their personal goals. Here are some examples of conflicts that would slow down or prevent client success:

The client wants to find a committed relationship, yet they also want to have their own freedom most of the time.

The client wants to get a well paid job with stability, yet they don’t really want to work for anyone else and like following their own rules.

The client wants to travel, yet they are nervous about new places.

In NLP Parts Integration, the process enables the client to create more harmony in the system with all parts working towards the same higher purpose.

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