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Frequently Asked Questions

NLP is unregulated (by Government), so you are looking at market forces and independent bodies to show you the light in amongst all the myriad of training organisations.

ANLP (the Association of NLP), AIP (the Association of Integrative Psychologists), CPD, ICR (International Coaches Register). All these organisations are independent of NLP World and we get our status by merit.

They are valid worldwide as long as your country accepts NLP. I have chosen countries in the UK (ANLP) and USA (AIP) so your certificate will be valuable thought the world – as the UK and US are the main hubs of NLP.

Yes, many of our delegates have no experience of NLP, Coaching or self-development techniques. We also provide pre-course materials, which include the whole curriculum of NLP, so each person can be as well versed as they choose before joining the live training.

We start the seven-day practitioner course at £850. This is to get people off their comfortable chairs and into action. It also allows those with less income to get a course at an amazing price. The prices changes the more people come onto each course. We charge more money the closer the course gets (and the more people have booked); therefore, less people book nearer the live training start date. We can then manage the numbers.

We don’t normally have more than 24 people on any course. That way we can keep the course more personal, and deliver a higher quality training experience.

Normally it will be Terry Elston taking the training. Occasionally he will get a guest trainer to run sections, but mostly it’s Terry.

The proof of the pudding is always the eating! Yet if you like tasters, before sitting down, you can look here: https://www.nlpworld.co.uk/nlp-world-testimonials

Or on the ANLP website to find Terry (testimonials are linked at bottom of the profile):

NLP World and its trainers have delivered to over 21 Blue Chip companies worldwide over 18 years. You can find most of them here: https://www.nlpworld.co.uk/nlp-business-training/

They have also been summoned to the Cabinet Office in Whitehall to supply NLP Training to government. Not withstanding prestigious colleges such as Christ’s Hospital and Hursts in Sussex.

Terry Elston is also a published writer, and has 6 books to his name.

Terry Elston designed and produced a number of excellent MP3 products for business and therapy. One of the business tracks got to number one in iTunes self-development charts! There are six business orientated MP3 products and ten incredible journey MP3’s in our NLP World shop, plus soft copies of all the books he’s written.

The Online Training is definitely the best in the world! Even if we do say so ourselves. It was meticulously put together by Amy Humphries, who we now cannot afford to hire, she is so good. There are beautifully crafted PowerPoint talk overs, with fantastic design and clarity. Then we have live footage of Terry Elston with real clients dealing with real issues. The whole of the curriculum of NLP is on the online series, pus a section on values for coaching purposes.

On the Online Training, you get a chance to interact with trainers or Master Practitioners of NLP at NLP World to give you feedback on each section.

There are workbooks at the end of each module, if you choose to fill them out to check your understanding of the topic. 

If you have already taken our live training (or have taken it with anyone else reputable), you get the title of “NLP Coach”.

If you don’t already have NLP Practitioner status, you can still get a “Diploma of NLP” from us after successfully completing the Online NLP Training workbooks.

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