Guided Meditation (MP3)


I personally love to get into trance states and meditations, especially if there is some beautiful destinations that I can get more learning, self-development and information for my life from!

This is the intention of the MP3, to take you out of your normal everyday thinking; to places where your identity is no longer known as a solid memory driven human being. Instead, you will have the opportunity to discover all the resources that lay beyond the normal limits of your mind and body.



The only way to make room for what is next in your life is to create space for it. On this MP3 set you will experience that space and journey into outer-space!

The first journey is a beautiful guided meditation, where you can relax and enjoy. The second track takes you out of your body into the all-encompassing light source from which we all came. An amazing journey into the quantum field where all things are possible.

Recorded by Terry Elston, his experience of NLP and how the unconscious mind works excellently to transport you to the places you need to go, sometimes somewhere, sometimes the middle of no-where, and you know where no-where is…


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