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Meta-Health two day workshop with Susanne Billander starting 24th October 2020 in Brighton UK (includes free online training)

£450.00 £230.00

Location:The Hilton Hotel, Kings Road, Brighton
Dates: Sat 24th October – Sun 25th October (2020)

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The starting cost of the Meta-Health Training is (approximately) £230 (WAS £480). This price is for the first people booked, for the next stage it’s £390, after that stage it’s £480 and after that it’s £560. This is assisting those who put things off!

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Alternatively, you can also talk to someone and get a call back for your Meta-Health Training registration by calling us on: 0844 057 0392 (UK).
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Further Information

This two day workshop is designed for people who have a passion for mind/body/spirit philosophy, and also want the science behind it. This diagnostic tool was actually created over 40 years ago. Since then it has been refined and a whole new approach from Susanne Billander brings Meta-Health into the 22nd Century of cause/effect challenges.

Here is what Susanne says:

“I say that META-Health isn’t a new therapy, but a tool to create awareness about the underlying pattern behind a symptom/dis-ease.Sometimes getting aware of the root cause and express it, loud and authentic for the first time, can create big healings. I will now share three healing stories…

A Norwegian woman had Fallopian tube obstruction; to the degree she couldn’t become pregnant. Going to a workshop and hearing about the underlying conflict, an ugly-sexual- conflict, she got back to the moment her step-father forced her to touch his genitals. She was eight years old at that time. Expressing that, she experienced butterflies leaving her Fallopian tubes and 4 month later she was pregnant!

Another student told me about a meeting with a woman, who had ALS (a paralyzing symptom), to the degree she couldn’t move her legs and arms and neither speak. I asked her if she had experienced anything unexpected, dramatic, that she had no strategy to deal with it (and therefore isolated the feeling): A situation she felt paralysed in, and noticed the first signs of the ALS symptoms. The woman, who couldn’t talk, started to cry and cried for three days being present with a deep grief about an abortion. After three days she started to move her arms again”.

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Terms and Conditions.

If you are unable to attend a training or if you have to cancel a course, you may transfer to a later programme or provide a substitute delegate you can join another course at a later date with only an admin charge for room hire and teas/coffees. If we have to cancel a course, an alternative programme will be offered – or your money back minus the minimum administration costs.

If you wish to cancel a booking before the start – or the failure of conditions above, the following cancellation deposit fees will be charged (see below for whole course fees):

The ABC of Abundant Living workshop – £100
NLP 4 or 7 Day Practitioner – £300 (or full price close to start date)
NLP Master Practitioner (whole or per module) – £300 (or full price close to start date)
Meta-Health Program £230

Alternatively, you can also talk to someone and get a call back for your Meta-Health Training registration by calling us on: 0844 057 0392 (UK).