Money – Attracting Wealth & Abundance (MP3 & eBook)


If you like the word money, then you're in the right place to listen to how to make some! The suggestions here are enhanced by binaural beats and brain entrainment waves. Duration is 20 minutes



This money MP3 was made by Terry after he kept being asked about some of the secrets to wealth and abundance. This is something you can listen to time and time again, to embed and realise your relationship with money.

It’s different to the other money MP3 in the shop as it’s deeply coloured and flavoured with fantastic sounds and embedded suggestions for your unconscious mind.

It’s excellent value, as every time you listen to it, the relationship you have with money will have the ability to change and expand.

A fantastic Journey in the unconscious , to find out your current relationship with money, then give yourself the chance to free your ability to have and hold money.

Whatever you do in life, whether a presenter or run presentations, play sport, into self-development, into sales or selling or in business of any sort, the most important factor is your inner world of money!

Recorded by Terry, this MP3 is designed to motivate and bring abundance to you, even in your sleep!


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