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I’ve developed a personal NLP pocket handbook (ebook – see Amazon link below for paperback) with all the main body of NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner material.

It’s a very handy and small version of the main manuals of NLP.

So you get the whole of NLP, Master Practitioner included, in a condensed version.

The techniques of anchoring, (plus the all new conversational anchoring), submodalities, rapport, sensory acuity,  language patterns, including Milton Model, Meta Model, presuppositions, presuppositions in language, quantum linguistics, quantum language patterns,  advanced submodalities, parts integration, (sometimes called visual squash), six step sales strategy, predicates, hierarchy of ideas, (sometimes called chunking or lateral thinking), strategies, including the tote model, metaprograms, values, and much more in one manageable pocket sized booklet!

This version is incredible value (just compare it to others around) and has almost all of the techniques too (I missed out some that you wouldn’t need any manual to remember yourself).

What’s inside?

All the main Practitioner NLP techniques, plus many relevant Master Practitioner techniques in one ebook. Great value!  Developed by Terry Elston