Seven Day NLP Practitioner Training Course (including Hypnosis and Time Based Techniques) starting 1st February 2020 (Brighton UK)


Location: Mercure Hotel, Brighton, BN1 2PP
Dates: Saturday 1st February – Friday 7th February (2020)

To secure your place, you can book online. Click the “Add To Basket” button to begin your Seven Day NLP Practitioner Training Registration.

The starting cost of the Seven Day NLP Practitioner Training is £870 (WAS £2070). This price is for the first eight people booked, for the next four it’s £970, after twelve reservations it’s £1070 and after 16 it’s £1270, then after 18 £1670 then up to £2070 after 20. This is assisting those who put things off!
If you are thinking about it, get in touch to answer your questions, then book!

Here’s a link to the booking process via credit card if you don’t want to pay through Paypal

Pay a deposit of £300.00 per item


Further Information

This Seven Day course is fully certified and accredited by the ANLP (Association of Neuro Linguistic programming) & AIP (Association for Integrative Psychology).

You can also gain CPD points from attending.

Seven Day NLP Practitioner Training Registration: Deposit

Seven Day NLP Practitioner Training Registration: PayPal Information

If you’re now ready to book your Seven Day NLP Practitioner Training Course, you can click on the “Book Now” button to start the registration process.

Alternatively, you can also talk to someone and get a call back for your Seven Day NLP Practitioner Training registration by calling us on: 0844 057 0392 (UK).

Terms and Conditions.

Cancelled courses. You can join another course at anytime into the future if you are telling us you are cancelling a course. But if you simply are not going to attend after agreeing to be here, having the online program and hotel fees etc. We will charge:

Practitioner £300
Master Practitioner £300

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