Strategies (MP3 Set)


Or How to Change Habits and Behaviour

How Strategies can help:
Be able to elicit other peoples strategies for attraction, deep love, buying, selling.
Habits – Stop bad habits like eating poorly and shopping poorly (or too well).

“The problem with understanding, is you might be wrong” said Richard Bandler. We too often “mind read” other people without really looking at the underlying process of “how” they do the problem.

This strategies MP3 set has been formed to offer a comfortable and sympathetic solution for anyone wishing to make a change. Whether you are looking to change a habit or improve some areas of your life or improve existing strategies.



How strategies can help:

  • Motivation – Renew your energy
  • Learn about eye patterns and strategies
  • Redirection – Review your goals
  • Internal resources – Be stronger
  • Habits – Stop bad habits
  • Life coach – Find your future
  • Smoking – Just stop

Here’s how eye patterns fit into learning about strategies:

From this NLP Mp3 or NLP CD selection, you will also be able to read eye patterns (relating to EMDR) and understand what the different quadrants of the brain are informing us.

“We are what we repeatedly do ”


Society can condition us all to follow and creates directions we have to travel, rather than allowing us real freedom to choose.

In Neuro Linguistic Programming, a strategy is a mental sequence used to achieve a goal. Strategies are usually described in a sequence of sensory-specific terms of the representational systems and submodalities employed. They may include alternatives, fall-back strategies, and the like.

Taken from a live training (some of the content is visual so please bear in mind when purchasing).


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