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Face the fear anyway

Stay Clear of Fear (change v chains)

Written by Kyle Louw

Are we really that scared? Does fear truly have such a powerful grip on our everyday routine, on what we decide, and even on what we say to each other?

“Fear isn’t real, don’t be mistaken, Danger is very real. Fear is a choice”

I understand that everyone handles fear in their own way. It’s like when you sitting at a public swimming pool, you will see many different people entering the pool in very different ways. You get the toe dippers, the people that slip in waist high and put their hands up in surrender, and then you get the people who just hold their breath and jump straight in. Fear analogy over.

Personally I am a jump straight in kind of guy, does not mean that dipping your toe isn’t the correct way for you as an individual. Different strokes for different folks after all (Pun fully intended) we all need to deal with fear in our own way, but we all need to deal with fear. Don’t let it cripple your decisions. Think about your best friend right now, that person in your life that you couldn’t live without. That person was once a stranger to you correct, it was only through taking a leap of faith did your relationship get to where it is today. Now of course it’s not all rainbows and unicorns, but when the first storm comes are we going to let fear keep us inside the house, or are we going to find an umbrella and go for a walk?

We are so careful as to what we share with each other, we have a fear that if we let this person in to fast we just going to get hurt. I believe that comes from the fear of rejection, probably the only fear every human shares, which is funny if you think about it as it means we all have a least one thing in common. We have this fear of what we say, and yet we all love to talk.

I saw a drunk man stumble and fall rather unfortunately a few nights ago in Stellenbosch. My friend and I immediately decided to get up and go help him. Now, I am not a fan of paralytic drinking, however I hold no malice for anyone who might be. I am a strong believer in a human needing one thing to believe in. That one thing that helps us get out of bed in the morning. Whether it’s God, our job, or your child’s smile. That reason to live is vital to our existence, that passion that drives us to be more than what we think we are.

“Never have a plan B, It will only hinder you from achieving your plan A”

Start facing those fears the way that suites you best, A good exercise is to just make eye contact and say “Hi” to every stranger you walk past today. Sure some will respond, and some won’t, but don’t let that affect you. That stranger may be equally insecure, which is awesome. It means you guys have something to talk about.

As always there is a saying from NLP: “Whoever you think you are, you are always more than that!”


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