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NLP Trainers Training

Certification as an NLP Trainer means you can start to run your own NLP Training anywhere in the world. You will also be very confident to go into corporations to deliver stunning workshops and training with a recognized qualification behind you.

Accredited via – ANLP, AIP, CPD, ACCPH, ICR, Therapist Register, Coaching Society

Who is the NLP Trainers Training Course for?

Any kind of presenter, from workshop leaders, to keynote speakers, people who want to exclusively run NLP Trainings or for your own self-development as a communicator.

There is on thing to stand in front of a room and give your audience data. Another scene that is completely different – is to enter into a movie set where your audience are enthralled by your presence and captivated by your style of presenting.

An NLP World Trainers Training Testimonial

Testimonial - Alessio (NLP Trainers Training)
“You can become an exceptional teacher just applying
these things that I have learned today.”

Terry and Francesco are amazing NLP Trainers and leaders. They supported me all the way through.
It was a tough journey but one so rewarding.
I didn’t know I could be this good in front of the room, now I do.

Alessio Caramaschi
NLP Trainer

What Will I Learn On The NLP Trainers Training Course?

You will know how to read a room and react accordingly. Master presenters have the ability to be themselves, whilst delivering your message to many different personalities at once. Public/Corporate Presenting is the number two fear in the world; when we show you how easy it is our way, you may want to get out there immediately! 

The power of a presenter comes before he or she even says one word; we show you these secrets and give you feedback that will allow you to gain group rapport in any circumstance, regardless of the content you are delivering. We also show you sleight of mouth patterns that reframe awkward situations in seconds.

Testimonial - Ronia (Trainers Training)
Testimonial - Keith (NLP Trainers Training)
Plus much, much more.
Event - NLP Trainers Training Course
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Excellence Guaranteed

4.6 / 5.0 (NLP Course Reviews)

What Extras Are Included on the NLP Trainers Training Course?

What Are People Saying About Our
NLP Trainers Training?

This course has given me an idea of excellence that I never imagined I could have reached before.

Patricia Irvine
NLP Trainer

My confidence has grown as I experienced myself growing in statue due to the amazing NLP trainers techniques being used with all of us - it really was an exhibition of NLP using NLP!

Keith Monk
NLP Trainer

NLP Trainers Training Course - Accreditation & Certification

NLP World are accredited by the ANLP (Association of NLP, UK) and also AIP (Association for Integrative Psychology, USA) which are internationally independent recognized certification bodies to ourselves. 

In other words, your certification is valid worldwide as these respected organizations are the hub of the world’s licensing accreditations. 

As Terry Elston is a Registered CPD Presenter, the skills you develop on our NLP Practitioner Training course can also count towards the hours of your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) records.

Event - NLP Trainers Training Course
Next NLP Trainers Training Date:
You can also check our NLP Training Course Schedules Dates & Prices page for other NLP training course dates.
You can pay in 3 easy instalments by using “PayPal Pay Later” at the checkout.

Which Accreditation Bodies are NLP World Registered With?

ANLP are one of only two independent NLP accreditation bodies in the world. Which means your certificate is covered by a company outside of NLP World. Stringent values and ethics are adhered to.

A huge NLP and Hypnotherapy company from the USA. Making your certificate truly global.

They exist to promote responsible, ethical, professional complementary and mainstream health practices such as NLP, Hypnotherapy, EFT, counselling and psychotherapy.

An independent professional body and register for counsellors, coaches, psychotherapists and hypnotherapists. 

Dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting professional standards, providing independent certification, and building a network of credentialed coaches.


A coaching organisation that accredits NLP World as a coaching training organisation.
(Mostly for South Africa)

Allows graduated of NLP World to join the directory once they have achieved the status of “NLP Coach”.

How Much is the NLP World Trainers Training Course?

The Starting Price for your NLP Trainers Training is only £3500! Inc VAT

Starting price for Evaluation to be an NLP Trainer £1440!! Inc VAT

These prices are for the first 8 people booked. After that, the price rises to £4500 for the next 4, and then eventually £5500 (with Eval up to £1840).

Event - NLP Trainers Training Course
Next NLP Trainers Training Date:
You can also check our NLP Training Course Schedules Dates & Prices page for other NLP training course dates.
You can pay in 3 easy instalments by using “PayPal Pay Later” at the checkout.

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NLP Master Practitioner Course Guarantee

Our NLP Training Courses Guarantee!

Although what we’re doing is very different from other NLP Training companies, one thing is constant; ours is a very human training.

This approach is not found or taught in books or on large, processed courses. Our experienced team coupled with our limited size groups gives you a unique opportunity for exceptional training and personal development.

Terms & Conditions

If, for any reason, you are unable to come to the training or have to defer your course, you can provide a substitute person at no charge. If you have paid in full and the course is less than one month before the start date, you forfeit your payment (unless you provide someone else who can finish the pre-course work in time).

To take part in a course, you have to have successfully completed 100% the pre-course work supplied to you beforehand. There are 8 hours of MP3’s to listen to and the test should take around 3-4 hours depending on your personal speed. Plus you will need to cater for revision of test with the assistants/trainers to get it to 100%. Please bear in mind that failure to allow enough time or the non-compliance with the initial test procedure can result in us asking you to attend another course or forfeiting your deposit if you choose not to.

Cancellation Fees

If you wish to cancel a booking before the start – or the failure of conditions above, the following cancellation fees will be charged:

NLP Four or Seven Day Practitioner – £1770
NLP Master Practitioner (whole or per module) – £2150
The NLP 3 day Experience – £3500
NLP Trainers
Training– £1750 
Lost Certificate Replacement – £45 

If you have paid for the course and have to cancel within a month of the course start date, you can supply a substitute delegate. If you can not do that, you forfeit your full course fees

Secure Transactions​

NLP World uses the following 3rd party providers to ensure that transactions and payments are processed securely.

Pay for your training in three easy instalments!!

Next NLP Practitioner retreat course is in South Africa

And Only £1500


(Including accommodation and food. Numbers restricted)

Upcoming Courses

9th Nov – 15th Nov 2024

(Retreat, SA)

Pay for courses in three monthly instalments!

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