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Managing Stress and Anxiety | NLP World

How NLP can be used to manage stress and anxiety. Many people in todays fast paced society often feel anxious or stressed; that’s not rocket science – yet what’s the process behind stress and how do we proceed to ‘not’ have it?

Is it possible that NLP can be used to manage stress and anxiety?

What is stress and anxiety? When talking about the human body or mind, normally stress and anxiety are seen to be mental, emotional, physical strains or tensions, that a person may or may not be able to cope with. It could be overwhelming situations, pressure to achieve/perform or any of the self devaluing beliefs that people can take on.

Yet what’s not normally looked at is how a person is developing themselves in life. Also, are the tasks they are being asked to perform part of their raison d’être and how does their ‘purpose in life’ correlate to the tasks being asked of them?

The problem that a lot of people have is that they feel like targets are being imposed from the outside – and then not their own. That’s one of the reasons I run my own company, so I can’t feel like the targets are anyone’s but mine! Even so, you could still feel like life is not treating you fairly or the economic climate is  against you – any perceptions appear real if you allow them to.

So if you are having targets seemingly imposed on you, it’s still your job to reframe that ‘pressure’ to allow your self development to be the most important part of your working day. If your body and mind are getting development you can deal with most things coming your way.

A good NLP Practitioner will sit you down and ask very gracefully yet powerful questions that gently strip away the outside veneer of what you think your life should be like – to leave you with your own inner appraisal of where life is the most important and exciting!

Then you may be asked to observe and challenge any limiting beliefs you have about going towards the kind of life you’d be having if there were no constraints.

If your path is already set and is a good journey, the other criteria that can induce stress are old memories that have not been ‘completed’ as yet and are causing too much friction to be useful or positive.

I normally turn to Time Based Techniques for such a brief, as the speed and efficiency of this technique goes way beyond others I have tried and been trained in, including Time Line Therapy.

The theory here being that if the garden is clean of weeds, the seeds and flowers can grow. Seeds and shoots (your ideas) do not like being choked by weeds, rocks and infertile soil.

There are, of course many methods to clean up your life, so you’ll find the one that is right for you.

Anxiety and stress do not assist the mind and body if too negative though, so make it a priority to  clean up that garden whether using NLP, Time Based techniques, Hypnosis or any of the other forms of releasing old patterns so you can be developing yourself with your own rules – even with a boss around!

Wesley Kew

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