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Calibration in NLP is the ability to notice and measure changes with respect to a standard. Usually involves the comparison between two different sets of external, non-verbal cues.

By comparing, we can notice the difference between persons, places, things, states and behaviours. Calibrating depends on refined Sensory Acuity.

Calibration, as used in NLP, is the skill of learning to read unconscious, non-verbal responses. Calibration skills are essential if one is to develop any facility at all with high-level NLP communication skills and techniques.

What kinds of things do you want to calibrate?

A person’s

voice tone and volume
facial colour
eye accessing cues and pupil dilation
muscle tension in the face and forehead
angle of the spine, head
lower lip size (lines or no lines)
breathing pattern (upper chest, middle, lower)

It’s a funny term, particular to NLP and these are called modalities of calibration

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