NLP Deletion | NLP World - Glossary.


Deletion in NLP is one of the three major processes (including Distortion and Generalisation) on which the Meta Model is based. Deletion occurs when we leave out a portion of our experience as we make our Internal Representations. 

When a person speaks, they may not be aware of the whole story of an issue that they have stored inside. They will delete portions of the truth and tell you the bits that they have as their story of their truth.

For example, (A) “Sue hurt me” is a simple deletion as we have no idea what kind of ‘hurt’ he/she is talking about. So the challenge would be “How did Sue hurt you?” Or “What do you mean by hurt you?”

B) “I am uncomfortable.”
About what? Whom?
C) “They don’t listen to me.”
Who, specifically, doesn’t listen to you?
(D) “I have no control.”
No control over what, whom?
(E) “Money is an issue.”
What kind of issue? What do you mean by using the word money?

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