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Double Binds

Double Binds in NLP are Questions that give a client a “free choice” among two or more comparable alternatives. They are based on the notion of multilevel communication.

For example “would you like to clean your teeth or put your pyjama’s on first before going to bed?” Or “would you like to pay with cash or by bank transfer”. All paths leading to the one place.

In using Double Binds, you can influence through your communication and the client or audience can enjoy the feeling of choice.

Here are some other examples of Double Binds:

Would you like to see another demonstration or discuss the topic further before you go ahead and do this yourselves?

Would you like to prioritise the invoicing or the enquiries to get them both done today?

Would you like to do housework or gardening before watching a movie?

Would you like to do your science homework or your maths homework before you play your X-Box?

Would you like to tidy your playroom or help me wash up before you watch TV?

Would you like to see a testimonial or hear about other examples before you go ahead and book?

Would you like to take me for dinner or have a romantic night in before you go away with your friends?

Consider what you would like to influence others around you to do, then you can develop your own Double Binds.

Double Binds


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