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Future Pace

Future Pace in NLP is mentally rehearsing a future result so that the desired outcome automatically occurs. Or you can use it to test that your client feels ok about the future before you send them out after the changes they made with you.

Using Sensory Awareness, you will be able to see what the body communicates when you do the Future Pace. This will give you clues to indicate if your work is complete.

When testing your work, you can use language to take the client out into the future when the triggers occur, tuning in and watching for any response to the trigger.

We recommend that you do a Future Pace more than once, perhaps checking in with the triggers that may occur later that day, the next day and in a weeks time for example.

When doing the Future Pace it’s important to get the client associated so that they can really rehearse how it will play out in life. This confirms that the work has been completed, convinces them that something has changed and gives the neurology the experience of it, setting them up for success.

If your Sensory Awareness tells you that there is still a reaction to the trigger, then you know that there is further work to be done with the client before they leave the session.

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