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NLP Practitioner – The Learning State

Possibly one of the most powerful and useful tools that we will teach you on our NLP Practitioner course is The Learning State (also called Peripheral Vision, Hakalau and The Now State). The Learning State is a resourceful state for learning where you widen the use of your senses in order to increase your ability to take in, utilize and store information.

When you attend one of our NLP Practitioner courses, you might notice that the trainers as well as the assistants team stay in this state throughout the whole of the training. We do this in order to extend our awareness so that the training runs easily and effortlessly as well as to enable ourselves to know when and how to assist each and every participant throughout the course.

On the very first day of the NLP Practitioner, we will guide you through this technique so as to allow your mind to open up and take in all the new and powerful information that will be presented to you.

So why would you want to learn how to use this technique?

One reason, as mentioned above, is to optimize your learning abilities and take in more information from from your surroundings. It will also give you a tool to use for yourself or with your clients in terms of getting rid of stress, anxiety or feelings of not being in control. When I use this technique in practise, I normally I call it The Now State

Example of The Now State

It is an excellent technique for controlling your state, as no negative emotions can be experienced. People with stage frights for example have found it to be very helpful as it neutralizes any anxiety and allows them to extend their focus to the periphery so that they can see the whole audience. The learning state is also extremely useful as a convincer for clients as it empowers them by making them realize that they have all the resources they need to take charge of their own mind and body.

Peripheral vision is also an excellent relaxation tool and an easy way to get yourself or your clients into trance and meditation. The Hawaiian Huna’s have used this technique as a part of a deep meditative trance for many decades. Also, people who perform Martial Arts make use of this technique so as to stay in a state of relaxed alertness.

The best way to learn how to get into this state is to experience it yourself.

It is so easy, that I will take you through the process right now.

The first thing you would want to do is to empty your mind of any ‘stuff’. Just leave it for now. You can always pick it up later if you want to. Then, find a spot above eye level to direct your attention to. Focus on this spot for 5-10 seconds before expanding your focus to the periphery whilst keeping your eyes still.

Loosen the back of your jaw (this tends to rid you of any self talk that might be going on). Continue to expand your awareness. Notice any movement that is going on in your periphery. Become aware of the different sounds around you. You might feel the back of your chair against your back or your feet resting on the ground. Stretch your hands out to each side of you and wiggle your fingers. Can you notice them moving? Good. See how far back you can move your hands whilst still being aware of the wiggling of your fingers. Become aware of the relaxation in your body and the stillness of your mind. This is The Learning State.

Click here for more information about The Learning State (Hakalau)

To learn more about how you can apply this technique as an intervention, you might want to consider our NLP Practitioner course. Click here for more information.

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