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2012 – The end of the world as you knew it



Reflection on the Transition to the New Era by Jerome Whitney – with additions from Terry Elston

The current era is being held as unique as it is considered to be the ending of a 26,000 year cycle. And to some who can only look at endings as Armageddon, this will seem like the end of the earth – but if we can see it as the ending of separative polarity consciousness and the beginning of the transition into unity consciousness, we have the chance to become aware of our inner connectedness to all forms of life at all levels.

At this time of transition, the outward institutional forms – social, economic, and political of the old era, break down in order to make space for the emergence of the new.

We now have the unique opportunity to sow seeds in our heart and mind’s eye, for the shaping and inception of the new era to which we have been honoured to be present to as participants.

This is especially true in the current stage of transition from the old era of polarity consciousness to the struggling-to-emerge era of unity consciousness. Another way of putting it is that we are in transition from simplistic reactive consciousness of identifying with opposites to a more integrative way from which to perceive our daily lives.

Blind hero worship is coming to an end for increasing numbers of people. The dark side of ‘power’ has been brought out into the light of day and those celebrities, bankers et al, who have been hiding behind appearances, have been found to have feet of clay. However, those persons are who they are. It is our perception of them that was limited to only one aspect or facet of their being and not seeing them as a whole.

To view how incredibly powerful perceptions can be, please take a look at this article written recently:

The power of perceptions

During this transition phase from simplistic polarity of opposites to unity consciousness we are being treated to the more glaring inequalities of old era socio-economic systems that have been endemic for centuries unnoticed and hidden. This could be seen to be sharpening our consciousness and awareness; the mass public is waking up! This may be a long-term process, but gradually the public is increasingly becoming aware of how resources are continually being transferred from the 99% to the 1% in all types of non-transparent ways.

Try as it may, the old system will not be fully able to return to its pre – 2008 era of operation. By 2015 one will be able to look back and see 2012-3 as pivotal years in the long-term evolution of consciousness

And that is the nature of the new era that is struggling to emerge and of which kicking and screaming we are a part. To regularly consider how our thinking and actions effects everything around us on a day-to-day basis, is a goal still to be achieved.

Here in England where I am actively involved in the professional organizations of several alternative and holistic therapies, I associate with many people who are fine professionals when they are consulting with and treating their patients. I would not hesitate to go to them if I needed their mode of treatment. In their clinic rooms they are objective, detached and yet able to establish rapport with patients.

However, these same healers and practitioners, in their professional organizations, revert to polarity consciousness when it comes to dealing with issues of the profession. Objectivity and rapport fly-out-the-window. Wholeness becomes the victim of halfness. And the politics of ‘my way’ is better than ‘your way’ impedes their effort to take the profession forward. Change from the old way of thinking to the new is a slow process even for those who are practitioners of professions that promote new era ways of thinking and relating.

And this way of being also relates to NLP and all self-development practices.

And this is true for most of us. How much of our daily life do we engage in old habit patterns that support the new rather then maintain the old? How many thoughts patterns in your head do you successfully manage each day? How many unique thoughts do you foster each hour? Do you ever hold your tea cup in a different hand just to experience the other?

Slowly, yet inexorably, more and more people are connecting within to that part of their being where all are united in the One. Meanwhile more and more new souls are being born with a sensitivity and conscious awareness that was, only up to a few years ago, a possibility that was far off in the future, but is now becoming reality.

That which we have been longing for over the years is now being established on the inner planes of our being. Customs of long habit are being tested to their limit and many found to be lacking, despite their relevance in the past.

The dominance of linear-sequential ways of thinking is gradually being displaced by the birth of children with quantum-associational understanding. Given that their minds do not operate in the old way, they are in a position to formulate new modes of response and structure for dealing with the daily challenges of living on Mother Earth.

During this era of transition may we each connect our mind and our heart to the emerging rhythm of the present and begin living the future in the Here and Now!

Jerome Whitney

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