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The Power of Perceptions

When you look at luck, chance, synchronicity and power, how much do your perceptions play a part?

Firstly, let’s take a look at Derren Brown (who has NLP training), and his ‘test’ for the perceptions of being lucky or not.





What this shows us is the power of perceptions in our lives.

And this can work positively or negatively. I once (only once), asked one volunteer to step out of the room as we were going to do an experiment. When he was out, i told the group that what I was about to say was untrue. I made sure they realised it was going to be an untrue comment, then told them that this man had killed his best friends dog! Then I told them again that it wasn’t true. We sent everyone on a break and, completely unconsciously on the groups behalf, they all avoided him for the whole break. When we asked him how he felt (as he had no idea of the experiment), he reported that he felt “separate”.

So, even if you know on some level that the idea is false, the whole nervous system gets engaged with ideas and thoughts and the body starts to experience these ideas as some kind of truth.

Take a look at how this works in the mind:


There is so much information out there, that yours and my mind have to delete, distort and generalise this information to make any sense at all of this amazing kaleidoscopic and tumultuous cacoffiny  of events that occur every second.

That in turn can lead us to an ‘idea’ that we can have or get some agreement on.

Tolstoy and the Green Stick:

The Green Stick
The following account is taken from Ernest J. Simmons’ biography Leo Tolstoy

Nikolai solemnly announced to his siblings one day that he possessed a wonderful secret that could make all men happy. If it became generally known, a kind of golden age would exist on earth: there would be no more disease, no human misery, and no anger. All would love one another and become “Ant Brothers.” (Moravskiye bratya – “Moravian Brothers” – of whom young Nikolai had no doubt read, was probably mistakenly transformed by the boys into Muraveinye bratya – “Ant Brothers.”)

The children adopted the idea with enthusiasm and even organized a game of Ant Brothers. Boxes and chairs were converted with shawls, and they all cuddled together in the dark within the shelter.

Nikolai had disclosed the Ant Brotherhood to them but not the chief secret – the means by which all men would become everlastingly happy. He had written this secret, he said, on a green stick buried by the road at the edge of a ravine in the Zakaz forest…….

The idea of this stick invoked something in Tolstoy that moved and motivated him, even in his dying wishes.

And perhaps, within the human race, there is a chaos that we know, a childish misuse of our minds that can be re-membered by a conscious effort to move a focus from what we want to what can be possible. And what can be possible is not a full stop but a comma at the most, taking our perceptions and delivering them into creative ideas, a green stick…..


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