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Calm & Deep Sleep

On these MP3/CD music tracks, you’ll experience amazing binaural beats and brain entrainment tracks inlayed to heighten the effect for your body and mind and aid deep sleep. The selected words spoken directly to you have been designed by Terry Elston, NLP Trainer and Master Hypnotist, to aid deep relaxation and sleep.

The background sounds have been recorded from the Indian Ocean and Exotic forests by Terry himself, to give you a deeper and more natural experience for your mind and body.

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If you want a really relaxing bath of sounds and words to take you into more calm relaxed sleep, this is for you. It can also be a beautiful present for a loved one, who has sleeping difficulties.

The “no voice” version simply has the soundtrack which are completely natural sounds mixed with special brain entrainment features to make your mind relax.

There are different variations of this selection.

  1. Calm and deep sleep with voice 60 minutes
  2. Calm and deep sleep no voice 60 minutes
  3. Calm and deep sleep with voice 25 minutes


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