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“What is totally surprising to me is this state of curiosity, passion, exploration and playful learning that I was not accustomed to. That is, I can really give myself now the time to explore, to play with the tools that I have learned without any pressure or fear of failure. they all create a new space for both myself and the client to communicate beyond words and create new possibilities. And this is fabulous! Thank you Terry! Looking forward to the Master level class!”
Suzana Panasian

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  • perceptionsThe Presuppositions of Success and Failure
    The Presuppositions of Success and Failure: Written by Wesley Kew and Terry Elston How often have you really wanted to do something or see somebody else doing something and uttered, “ I wish I could do that”. Instead of just getting started, we proceed to list all the reasons why we would not be able to do it. I mean who am I to think that I can do a […]
  • The Now State | NLP World
    The NOW state Being in the NOW is a gift that is why it is called the present. However, like all gifts, the receiver determines its worth. Meaning that the giver needs to intimately know how that gift will satisfy the needs or wants of the receiver. It is like giving someone that does not drink alcohol a fine bottle of single malt scotch or telling a […]
  • ANLP Conference
    Of all the years I have been presenting and attending the ANLP conference, April 2017 has to be up there with the best. Yet if I were pushed to say what made these days stand out from the others I would say it was more of the feel of the event. Yes it was well organised – plus communication before during and after outstanding; but my enjoyment of […]
  • Sensory Acuity placeholder imageCompare CBT with NLP
    Let’s compare CBT with NLP and see the sameness or differences. What came first the chicken of the egg? We may not have time to return the whole philosophy of Genesis, yet we can look at CBT vs NLP! Recently, I was confronted by a statement that almost had me veer from my NOW State and had me thinking that the map was, in fact, the territory. I was […]
  • what happens after your nlp practitionerWhat happens after your NLP Practitioner course?
    I finished my Practitioner training with Terry a couple of weeks ago. I came back home very enthusiastic -willing to revise the manual and my notes so that I can start using the NLP tools with my clients. But you know how it is. You get home, there are tons of stuff to do, I had one booking after another and so I had no time to revise anything whatsoever. […]
  • relationships nlpWhat is commitment?
    If you ask nine out of ten people that question, you’ll probably get answers that relate to fidelity, territory, marriage vows, relationship rules, sticking with a team, loyalty to something or someone and any numerous material or personal translations. Yet what was the original meaning when it was created many thousand of years ago? To find this, the […]