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I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all of the training, particularly the experience of making major personal changes. I’m very very grateful; It’s been an honour to be among such a gathering!
Sheila MorrellLancashire

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  • mp3 imageMusic for Therapists and Clients
    Music for therapists (or clients) is a product that took me a long time to develop. When I first became a Practitioner, it was so hard to find good background music that wasn’t too cheesy and could be used for music for clients or music for therapists. Eventually I have made some myself with […]
  • Sensory Acuity placeholder imageCompare CBT with NLP
    Let’s compare CBT with NLP and see the sameness or differences. What came first the chicken of the egg? We may not have time to return the whole philosophy of Genesis, yet we can look at CBT vs NLP! Recently, I was confronted by a statement that almost had me veer from my NOW State and had me […]
  • Sensory Acuity placeholder imageNLP Training – Sensory Awareness
    Are you consciously aware of what is going on around you or inside of you? How do you know what is really being said or motioned toward you? Do you know if someone is lying or not? Are you listening to your own internal signals as to what and how you check another’s signals, or have you got a […]
  • Sensory Awareness with NLP
    I made a transcript of a sensory awareness NLP session from a training I delivered recently. This was a live training in the aspects of sensory awareness with NLP, therefore the grammar of written English may be somewhat compromised at times: What we’re going to look at now is one of the […]
  • what happens after your nlp practitionerWhat happens after your NLP Practitioner course?
    I finished my Practitioner training with Terry a couple of weeks ago. I came back home very enthusiastic -willing to revise the manual and my notes so that I can start using the NLP tools with my clients. But you know how it is. You get home, there are tons of stuff to do, I had one booking after […]