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Free NLP Videos – Parts Integration

Continuing the series of Free NLP Videos, here’s what we call the NLP Parts Integration. This type could be called Conversational Parts Integration, because we are not using her hands.

NLP Parts integration is a techniques for allowing the integrity of a person to become aligned. The more a human being works as an integrated until, like a university where all the different factions need to be working from the same page called education. This is part one with mostly theory. If you want the demo, go to part two and don’t miss the ending – it’s where it all comes together!  

Part Two NLP Parts integration:

Parts Integration NLP is a technique which allows us to integrate parts at the unconscious level by assisting each one to traverse logical levels by chunking up and to go beyond boundaries parts have created to find a higher level of intention and wholeness.

If you think of an orchestra, each part relates to the whole and less as an island, the more flexible – hence successful they will be. if one of those parts decides not to play ball with the whole you would have a problem if you were the conductor or the audience!

With the help of Dr. Clair Marshall who wrote most of this next piece, let’s see how Interconnectedness effects all of us.

Interconnectedness and its Implications for the Therapeutic Relationship
Mystics, philosophers and spiritualists have long postulated that objects and people do not exist independently, and are in face connected. Recent scientific developments in quantum physics and other areas now also suggest this to be true. Psychotherapy was based on the traditional science, and with these new advances, a call for a shift in paradigm is necessary.

Interconnectivity is a term used in physics, mathematics, biology and cybernetics to describe the relationship between components within a system (Wiener, 1948). This is to say that they are dependent, as well as being in communication, simply because they are integrated within the same whole. The components cannot be studied independently. To be fully understood they must be viewed in the context of their system. One example of this is an ecosystem: a self-sustaining system, where to understand part of it, for example an insect, it is necessary to know about its habitat, diet, and predators. Interconnectedness stipulates that there is a relationship between things.

Implications of Interconnectedness

Whether or not things are connected has great implications for our view of reality. By moving from the traditional scientific perspective of separateness and isolation, to a new acknowledgement of the relationship between parts, a broader and better-informed standpoint can be assumed. One in which context is not detached from its content, and the emphasis is on relationship and interaction.

So having parts is ok, the trick is to have them interconnected – Parts Integration!

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