Free NLP Videos – Pattern Interrupt

Moving along in this series of Free NLP Videos – we proudly present The NLP Pattern Interrupt.

Here’s the NLP pattern interrupt in action:

The NLP Pattern Interrupt is demonstrated here with some humour – how you can take a “stuck state” or behaviour and skilfully implant(anchor) a new piece inside it, so the original pattern can not work any more!

Here’s the technical description: A series of interruptions that break a habit or state. So much so, that the interruption becomes part of the pattern. If you think of strategies, where to make a behaviour work it needs 1,2,3,4 to be firing in the right order, or A,B,C before it works, think of interrupting A,B,C. When you keep interrupting the behaviour or state as it’s trying to work itself, the pattern can’t fire off and eventually the person experiences the intervention you are using as part of the process and therefore can’t successfully do the old pattern anymore!

This is not the same as a break state. A break state is simply when you can distract a person from whatever they are thinking or doing and invite them to consider something else. A bit like having cheese with wine, it compliments the work of the wine by contrast.

In this NLP Pattern Interrupt video, you will find the following:

Anchoring, break state, collapsing anchors, conversational anchoring, pattern interrupts, re-framing, sensory acuity and strategies.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this humorous look into NLP Pattern Interrupt. Come back if you ‘like’ it and see some more free nlp videos with NLP World