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Health & Healing

NLP in Health and Healing is now being widely accepted, through the notion that the body and mind are connected as proven by science through the work (mostly) of Deepak Chopra in the 80’s and more recently meta-medicine.

One way of accessing the body is through the neurotransmitter, which bath every cell in your body; which literally means that every cell is listening to every thought you maybe having!

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Using specific language that appeals to the unconscious, this MP3 set takes you on a fantastic journey into the control panel of your unconscious mind, allowing you to accelerate your health and healing.

If you know you want to get access to deeper areas than you can in your everyday waking moments or even in meditation, allow Susanne to gracefully guide you into the powerful areas that normally are too deep to reach, giving you the control to decide your health and healing.

2 Journeys on one recording. Recorded with Susanne Billander; she takes you on these amazing journeys throughout your body, creating healing biotopes internally. You will have a fantastic voyage inside your own body and come back renewed again!

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