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Knowing NLP – Free NLP Book Tasters

Knowing NLP – Free NLP Book Tasters

I wrote Knowing NLP as a reaction to people asking me to recommend NLP books to them. I couldn’t. Most were very bland, written with no passion and some over complicated. And i wanted people to understand the basics of what makes an excellent NLP Practitioner – not just give them techniques.

Here are a few passages from the book:

Chapter one: How do you prepare a room for a clients mind?

The preparing of a room is something I learned a long time ago whilst working for a self-development company: You have to completely clear the room of anything that isn’t to do with the training or situation at hand!

For instance, take out any newspapers, books, cups, ornaments (that don’t have to do with the context at hand), tables chairs that are superfluous and even pictures that don’t play any role in what’s happening in that session. All of these things will be ‘clocked’ by the unconscious mind and detract from the power of the meeting.

Before the session, you will have given your client (or the people on the training), a series of ordeals to perform that lets them know something big is about to happen. In accordance with the metaphor in the previous section, the seed is being prepared!

Illustration of how NLP works | NLP World.
With my NLP trainings, they have MP3s to listen to and a test to fill out. It’s always funny to watch peoples personalities deal with the ordeals. We all attempt to do the ordeals in our own way: If we have a rebellious past, we won’t do the test at all or if we don’t complete things, we won’t complete the test!

All these feedbacks are great markers for you to be able to interact with that personality before the session or training to weed out that behaviour before you see them. You simply point out the deeds they are displaying and ask them about their patterns in life. Most people are quite happy that you interact on this level and that their behaviours are ‘busted’ at this time.

terry elston picture in suitFrom your side, make sure you have cleaned out your own cupboards in life before seeing the person or people. Do your ‘washing up’ in life and make sure you are as ‘complete’ as possible with your life situations. Do your preparation for the session in good time and look to see how you can improve from the last time. Then it’s time to focus and vision the sitting into existence. Perhaps meditate on the session in hand; you can pick up an immeasurable amount of information when you tune in, in advance of your meeting.

I will put more chapters from this and other NLP books in the near future.

You can find my NLP & Self Development books on this page: NLP & Self Development

Or Knowing NLP at Amazon here:

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