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META-Medicine® Introduction

On this amazing MP3 or CD set, Susanne begins here with a simple, easy to understand version of META-Medicine® with a couple of examples; then moves on to a more in-depth explanation of how and why this model works with medical terms.

Even if you are not medically trained, you will be able to follow the process through simple to scientific and medical data.

Through this 4 CD set or MP3 set, my intention is that this model will become normal throughout our conversations and practices in health and healing.

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We are working with medical doctors now to introduce this system so it is easily available to all to train and be educated.

From listening to the MP3 or CD set You will be able to know for yourselves what kind of event could be behind certain illnesses.

More about Meta-Medicine

“Beyond Mind Body Medicine into Quantum Healing”

Meta-Medicine goes the next step from the current traditional or holistic thinking to an integral model of medicine and healing. Based in part on the natural laws of the New Medicine, you will learn and understand the cause, process and the meaning of disease and health and you will be able to apply this new scientific knowledge in your healing practice and personal life.

Meta-Medicine is not a new therapy or treatment, rather it is an over-determined system, a new model of how environment, body, mind and spirit work together.

This Seminar is filled with enlightening information, practical applications and exercises to integrate what you learn into your health care practice. This seminar has been developed and approved by the International Meta-Medicine Association

Why attend this seminar?

You want to ..

  • move beyond your current understanding of mind body medicine
  • know exactly what the mind body connection is
  • apply the most advanced mind body diagnostics process available
  • use Meta-Medicine in your healing or counseling work
  • learn about specific diseases from a Meta-Medicine point of view
  • use current healing methods more effectively knowing Meta-Medicine
  • create a more balanced and healthy life style for yourself and your family
  • expand your awareness and consciousness

What will you learn?

  • Crisis and problems with current medicine
  • The biological laws of the New Medicine
  • The Meta-Medicine framework for healing
  • A new expanded model of how body, mind and spirit work
  • Principles of psychoneuroimmunology
  • Evolution and nature’s code of intelligence
  • Responsibility for change and healing
  • The 4 levels of diagnostics and therapy
  • Organ-psyche-brain connection and its importance in healing
  • The 2 phases of disease and healing
  • Significant Emotional Experiences and their importance for health
  • Biological conflict shocks as the beginning of a disease
  • Stimulus-Response and why animals react the same way humans do
  • The ontogenetic-evolutionary-disease connection
  • Our body mind organized by brain relays and blastodermic layers
  • The biological and spiritual meaning of each disease
  • The brain as the central computer of our organism
  • Brain mapping incl. understanding Meta-Medicine CAT scans analysis
  • Mind Body Brain interactions of all major diseases like heart disease, digestive disorders, cancer, skin, respiratory disease, asthma bronchiale and many others
  • Practical ways to apply and integrate what you learn into your healthcare practice
  • Design your Health – techniques to connect with your body intelligence and healing powers and to help restore and maintain mind body balance
  • Many case studies and documented illness and healing examples
  • Live Demonstrations of Meta-Medicine diagnosis with students
  • Individual exercises to practice what you have learned
  • Comprehensive manual
  • Home study to prepare for the upcoming Meta-Medicine Health Coach Training

We have two training centers in the UK, Brighton and Bristol, plus several around the world.

This CD and MP3 set covers the theory, the natural laws and the scientific background of Meta-Medicine. Packed with life transforming stories and information with exercises to aid your learning.

If you require futher information or training after hearing this material, there are trainings available internationally.

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