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Natural Motivation V Adrenal Motivation

Working closely with personal clients and corporate clients, I get to see a lot of overwhelm and burnout from people not recognising the difference between natural motivation v adrenal motivation.

Natural motivation will come from your mind, body and spirit being aligned with the goals you have chosen in life.

Every person has a given purpose in life, or at least path in life, that when treading that path, will allow them to grow and develop in the quickest and most authentic way. The substitute for that would be seeing goals as the end product and not how the goals develop a person.

What is the purpose of a goal?

brain compartmentsThe true purpose of a goal or target, would be to let a person ‘shine’. Just as a chunk of food allows the body to break that down and redistribute it for energy and development of the body – so a goal large enough should allow the mind to expand itself from the challenge. This process sets atoms free inside a person. The spirit is engaged and more association areas in the mind are created, therefore enlarging the context of each person’s brain.

You could see that in the story of Arthur and the Sword in The Stone. Only the ‘right’ person (or a person doing things right) can release the sword (energy) from the stone (matter). The name Arthur is derived from the word Author, making you the author or writer of your own scripts in life.

If you get goals imposed upon you from the outside that have nothing to do with your authorship, you have no chance of getting ‘enlightened’. Which is probably where we see either the dreary commuters going to work every day, with their light ‘stolen’ from them by a bad shepherd who does not care properly for his sheep. The commandment “Thou Shalt not Steal” originally mean thou shalt not steal another persons’s light.

synchronicity - Carl Jung imageTherefore all you and I have to work out is if the goals we are using are self authored or someone else’s. Even if we work for ourselves, are the goals ours or from a network who does not have your interests at heart or your development as a person in their eyes. Just because you spend coffee driven days working like a dog for your own network, was that your chosen path that gets you more love, trust, peace and true knowledge of life?

It is a difficult scenario when the mortgage guys are knocking on the door for payment, yet I have listened to many stories of people (many now famous) who stood for their own inner values and life gave them what they wanted and needed (just like King Arthur).

There is enough resources in this era to be ourselves truly and get sustenance from the great invisible values, of truth, love, trust, knowledge (of self) and good thinking. I guess that’s where the word “faith” comes into play. It does take courage to take a step when you can’t see the rest of the staircase just yet.

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