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Autumn Equinox and your Results in Life

Yesterday was Autumn Equinox in the West. There are many physical connotations to the autumn ‘festival’. Time to harvest produce and reap the benefits of the work in the field. Yet in a metaphysical context, it’s time to take responsibility for our intentions. Each of us, either consciously or unconsciously have planted some seeds of thought over a period of time. Those have grown up and what we have is the result of our endeavour. And everything is included, even the weeds that have grown.

My experiment over the last year was to stop doing any work I did not love or did not develop me in any way, including the way I relate to people around me. That has been working well – and even a bit too well, where I have created more space than I imagined. Now I have to look at my field and see what seeds need to be planted to make the whole farmyard of thinking complete in my imagination and my life.

But it could be for some people that they have created violence in their life or accidents and the like. That would still be connected to the original intention and that is the reflection coming back.

girl bare in forestIn one of the mythical stories God took a rib from Adam to make Eve. If you re-translate, the ‘rib’ (you have to use linguistics to get this rather than the bodily part) would have represented the circumference and making Adam “whole” was simply to give ‘him’ a reflection.

Scientists are busy working out the big bang theory and measuring the echoes from the past – going out to the circumference and listening to the reflection. The only part they are missing is not putting themselves into the experiment!

So our existence as humans is about setting intentions and then watching the ripples coming back of how we are doing. Sometimes we don’t like the reflection, so we blame the mirror!

Two hands holding an apple | NLP World.Eve took the blame for this reflection throughout the ions of time. She bit the apple (took the experience) and we began to see. We get the word Evil, Devil and others from ‘her’. When all the time ‘she’ was simply the edge, or the reflection. Ether. On a positive note, we get the word evening from ‘her’ too – which translates daytime (an illusion) into being able to see the whole picture.

It does take courage to see the whole picture and then take responsibility for it (or you could use the word respond-ability), yet that’s what the whole concept of Autumn would be as metaphor. In the truest sense it would be eating your cake – then having it!

You will notice a few truth tellers starting to emerge as truth and expression become more allowed and not chastised. The mirror will not be blamed! And no surprise that it will be women who are leading the way with that. Check into blogs and articles from Susanne Billander and Nikki Owen, plus Heidi Swinyard, to see how Eve is re-inventing herself 🙂

Autumn Equinox and your Results in Life

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