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New Year, New Thinking

Message from Terry

I wanted to give you a message from my learning’s and travels over the last few years.

There has been some interesting reflection from the world – corporate and personal.

Issues of trust, safety, freedom and love.

In the west we are now looking for our families again, yet not only the genetic family we were born into, but the chosen one that we are feeling guided towards.

In this time of transition, we are being asked to use the very powers we were born with – our power of intuition, our wisdom and our ability to find love where there was none before.

I’ve been lucky and always had great teachers: Teachers who could connect with heart, and also connected with wisdom, experience and knowledge.

And I’m ever more drawn to working with others who are looking for answers to questions such as – What is life all about? What is happening in my relationships? And – how do I find my path in life?

I’ve been working inside a large pharmaceutical organization in South Africa over the last year and a half and have found that the individuals that wanted to get along and desired to learn have progressed incredibly; some were on the doorstep of despair and close to breakdown, yet after spending time releasing old issues like autumn releases old leaves, these same people are now thriving.

The new shoots of growth are coming through with added energy and a wisdom which marries the rebirth into a new paradigm for them.

My understanding of life and change is quite simple. The garden is to grow and to let go of the old, past. This can only happen when the soil is ready, when the ground is fertile.

You and I have the ability to make the earth ready for new beginnings – we are the creators of the garden. We simply forget sometimes, or our past tells us not to bother because of the last misfortune that had the plants die. They are old habits and it’s time to come into the new awakenings of this period, which is set to be a time of opportunity and progression.

Halloween was about letting go of all the old habits, allowing the wind to carry away the old leaves and make way for the new. Like the original story, the meaning was lost, so people go out and ask for “Trick or Treat”, not knowing the purpose of the action.

The funniest thing was when I had no idea what trick or treat was. In my ignorance I asked for the ‘treat’ when kids came to the door. After the third time of me asking for ‘treats’ I got flour tipped over me for being so stupid.

So I got my own flour from the cupboard and must have challenged the washing powder adverts when the kid got home! It was funny that I didn’t ‘get’ the concept at all (and probably neither did they), because the purpose had been left out.

Yet we are similar to this modern day version of Halloween. ‘We’ have forgotten our purpose and carry on in life asking for things without entering into the processes by which life gives back.

So when you get flour tipped over your head you ask “why me?” Rather than understanding the ABC of abundance and life’s secrets to giving up its goodies for you.

I hope this article helps in your thinking about your journey to finding your purpose and clearing your garden. I love working with these principles and hope you will join me sometime.

Terry Elston

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