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Advanced Business NLP Skills

Advanced Business NLP Skills

Your business success comes from having the skills and personal congruence required to go beyond “normal” expectations. Every business is currently being challenged to do this like never before. And whilst others wait for things to change, this is the perfect time for YOU to break through past performance barriers and find out how successful you can be.
If this is what you’re looking to do, we are offering you the very latest application of advanced NLP in business to help you achieve just this in 3 days.

Terry Elston and Adam Sprackling are the lead trainers for this highly experiential programme. Between them, they have more than three decades of experience in applying and training NLP inside the business – including their own! They have successfully worked across the globe with over twenty blue-chip organisations as well as the seat of British political power itself, the Cabinet Office.
Because your results are the most important thing on this programme, it will be tailored where needed to make sure you get everything you want for your work or business. Here is an outline of what you will get from the programme:

Terry Elston’s philosophy on using self-development within business:

Programme Outline

  • Align your Business Mind
  • Personal Presence
  • Magical Influence
  • Emotional Resilience
  • Inspirational Leadership
  • Intuition for Business Growth

Align your Business Mind:

Visions only become realities when you focus single mindedly on what you want, NOT what you don’t want. Positive thinking does not make this happen, it is the beliefs and values you carry around that determine this. If those beliefs are veiled in fear, you will unconsciously sabotage your success, despite all of your skills. During this programme, you will clean up your inner limitations in business and retrain your ‘anchor points’ to jump you into the natural motivation and congruence that successful leaders have in spades. This process of alignment goes way beyond skills and “tricks”. Integrating NLP into who you are in your work will help you uncover your business potential – it is the real Law of Attraction. This single shift is what helped a new Finance Director of Forte Group turn around her fractious team after just 2 hours of coaching when she expected it to take many weeks.

“Terry’s ability to understand complex business situations and then apply the appropriate techniques and back-up helped me to grow and develop my staff, creating a much stronger organisation altogether.”
Eva Minkov
General Manager, Mundipharma

Magical Influence:

What makes you do business with one partner and not another? What motivates someone to agree to do what you want, even though you don’t manage them? On this programme you will learn what turns people on and off with the ‘charisma pattern’ and the ‘hot buttons’ behind influencing. You will discover exactly how to tailor your approach for different personalities, “difficult” people, emotional states and backgrounds. It’s what made GDS International recently choose to buy into NLP World and then engaged us to coach 40 managers and sales staff to create dramatic shifts in their performance. It’s also what made the Cabinet Office choose us to extend their ability to drive changes in governmental operations!

Emotional Resilience:

As economic upheaval continues, having the flexibility to adjust your strategy whilst staying true to your purpose is crucial for continued success. Robin Johnson, an NLP World student and highly successful city CEO in his own right, turned around his business by switching markets entirely after his original market dramatically declined. This programme teaches you to clarify what is actually important to you and then be fully present to your goals in order to let them be achieved in any number of congruent ways. Responsibility for your results comes from having response-ability – being able to recover from ‘not successes’, change and rationalisation. When HMRC were tasked with reducing their staff by one third whilst having stiffer targets, they faced a real challenge. Adam’s part in the NLP based pilot was so successful at changing behaviours that he trained a large team of internal facilitators for organisation-wide roll out. This is your opportunity to develop your own and your organisation’s resilience.

Inspirational Leadership:

Employees with the highest level of commitment perform 20% better and are 87% less likely to leave organisations (Lockwood, 2007). Yet according to other studies, only 31% of employees are actively involved in their jobs (Blessing White, 2011). We all know it’s important, but what are YOU doing about it? True leadership, taking people on a journey with you, requires you to make an emotional connection. Do you know what it feels like to be your staff/manager/other stakeholders in your organisation? How do you tap into their source of inspiration? How do you use the energy of intention to respectfully pace others’ view of the world and then lead organisational thinking to where you’re wanting to take it? This is what the Buying Manager at Charles Tyrwhitt learned with NLP to lead his team so successfully he gained promotion to Buying Director within a year.

Intuition for Business Growth:

Most organisations treat intuition as though it were a dirty word. If it’s not immediately measurable and justifiable, it’s clearly not worth doing…! Changing times require a change in attitude to creativity and innovation. Learn how to develop, trust AND TEST your own gut instinct to develop your business. This is the key to all peak performance – getting both sides of the brain working as one, to use all of your potential. This has been key to the success of European Tour and Challenge Tour golfers we work with as well as in business. Since the Operations Director of the Horder Centre learned how to do this in 2011, her business has had its best performing year yet.


Each training is as only as good as the support that goes with it. Follow up coaching has been consistently found to be the difference between a fun few days out of the office and a massive shift in long term performance. This programme includes free 1:1 phone coaching sessions before and after the course to make sure you get the most from the programme and have live tailored actions to support your future. We truly believe that your success is our success, so we go out of our way to make that happen.

Terry with international female staff of the police force, and with Lisa Gore, organiser of the South Wales Police leadership Team

“Terry worked with South Wales Police Force for a number of years and his leadership program was outstanding. The attendees are not a pushover, so it was evident from the feedback that Terry brought something unique and relevant to the table with regards the whole idea of leadership. His relaxed manner whilst providing challenging concepts meant the engagement was tangible and new behaviours possible. Thoroughly recommended!”
Chief Inspector Lisa Gore
South Wales Police Force

“I really enjoyed Terry’s engaging storytelling style. His use of practical examples and exercises during the NLP Training course is extremely helpful. The topics covered during the session was very relevant to both my career and personal life.”
Change consultancy

To book a course or talk to Terry Elston about your business needs, please call on 0800 0746425 or 07974 565 585.

We have successfully trained, used and coached NLP within the following organisations:

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Sony Ericsson

NLP techniques for quality selling skills

British Airways

Career Development Change Management

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Influencing and Negotiation Skills


Train the Trainer programme


Management Team leadership, Coaching and Sales Skills, Cape Town/Jo’Burg

Forte Group

Executive performance coaching


Culture Change

Ernst & Young

Coaching Skills


The Business Results & Management Development Program

Merrill Lynch

Team Leadership Development


Presentation skills and team building


Business process change events, facilitation skills training and coaching

UK Power Networks

Management Training, Sales & Team building


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Granada TV

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Presentation skills, motivational coaching skills and management development skills

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The Mall at Cribbs

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Management Change Skills

Scottish Power

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Bank Of Ireland

Business process change events, facilitation skills training and coaching


Management and leadership skills trainings


Career consulting

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Management and leadership skills trainings


Management and leadership development skills trainings, brand identity events

Koru Build

Executive performance coaching

Charles Tyrwhitt

Executive performance coaching


Influencing and impact skills training

GDS International

NLP in management, sales training and coaching staff

Public Sector NLP training:


Business process change events, new team development events, facilitation skills trainings, communicating through change workshops

The Cabinet Office (Labour party)

Communication Skills Training and one to one coaching

Ministry of Defence

Training staff in NLP skills

The Home Office

Training staff in NLP techniques

Department for Education

Communication Skills for Teachers and pupils

Central Office of Information

Personal impact trainings

Strategic Rail Authority

Executive performance coaching

South Wales Police

NLP Practitioner training, interview skills training

Serious Fraud Office

Business process change events

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