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NLP Career Coaching

NLP in Career Coaching

You may be successful in what you do or you may not; If you have the job of your dreams it is unlikely you need to read further, but if you don’t, then you’re probably frustrated with something in your career, life style or ambitions that you’d like to change.


Of course, you can change your boss, work colleagues, travelling style or even the mortgage payments but you may have noticed that the circumstances always seem to come around again.

Perhaps you do know exactly what you want to do, but does having an external plan without changing certain internal values always makes it work? As a client of ours who doubled her salary in six months said, “My abilities have not changed, just my attitude towards them; Once I could see the value certain other people put on my skills then I realized what I was worth.”

Some of you can probably relate to your workplace as the central hub of your life because you spend more time doing your job than you do with your partner, friends, children, so why do a job that compromises your values or one that doesn’t pay you what you’re worth?

A common comment from clients is: “I was pushed at school and college, and then I got a job that everyone said was the right thing to do. I then found myself getting married, having a large mortgage on a house, a car to maintain and eventually children. Before I knew it, I woke up one morning knowing I hated the way my life was going, but I couldn’t get out of it because I didn’t know how to change!”


Understanding yourself is the start It is vitally important that you truly get to understand yourself. That’s why when you work with us; we give you a comprehensive personal profile, which uses similar techniques to Myers Briggs.

However the difference here is that you get individual, personal feedback that relates specifically to the challenges you may be facing in your career. Furthermore, we will work with you, to find out what motivates you in your career and therefore what has to happen in order for you to feel ongoing personal satisfaction. This process alone has transformed many peoples understanding of where they were going wrong and what they need to do to make things right in their career.

Free one-hour session so you can decide.
Please just don’t take our word for it, we want you to have the career of your choice, it is our NLP World commitment to you, so much so that we know how important your career is to you so we offer you the opportunity of a FREE one-hour session with one of our NLP World Career Coaches so you can make the decision whether they are the right person for you to get the result you want.


This session will allow you to ask the questions you want and to do some exercises with your NLP World Career Coach. They will go through the program with you, cover guarantees and get your ideas on where you are now in your work options, where you want to be and if there’s something stopping you from getting the career you really want.

You take the action because we show you how to let go of what was stopping you. Speaking to many people who have been on coaching sessions with other companies, they say they were useful but they lost momentum half way through. We, however will work with you consistently, using one-to-one sessions and telephone coaching calls until you get your results…. guaranteed

This is what you get on the your Career coaching session

Excellent NLP goal setting session to determine exactly what you want in your career.
Advanced quantum linguistics, which have been designed to bypass your old conscious useless ‘strategies’ and install new, productive ones.
Personality profiling analysis that allows you to understand your own behaviour and change things quickly if they are not working.
Removal of limiting beliefs and negative associations from your past or present jobs and relationships

Ongoing support from an NLP World Career Coach to ensure you get what you want.
Setting up your personal Vision, Mission, Values, Beliefs and Action Plan, making you totally aligned with what you want to achieve in all areas of your life.
Interviewing skills training if required

Please don’t just take our word for what we say you will get, this is what our clients have said about our NLP World Career Coaching………

“Within a few months I accomplished my short-term goal of gaining employment within an entirely new field. Perhaps more importantly I am now living a life of choice that is concurrent with my values. I wholeheartedly recommend this company for personal coaching.”
Sarah Bailey, Bristol

“The trainers are deeply committed to results. The work is very flexible and has enabled me to put my ideas into action; I am now embarking on my dream career and am getting results already…”
Cliff Gilbert, ex-financial Consultant – London

“‘Before this work I lacked confidence in social and work situations. This frustrated me and I often went out of my way to avoid meeting people. After my initial consultation my quality of life has really improved. The processes used have caused the problems and fears to diminish and allow me to find solutions to them. I was amazed at how interesting and relaxing the techniques are.”
HB London

This is my promise to you:

During the NLP World Career Coaching program, we will work with you either one-to-one or by our proven telephone coaching system until you achieve your goals and aims. We will agree with you the time it should take to achieve your commitments. If there are still goals to achieve when the time has elapsed, we will further work with you at no extra cost.

The cost of your coaching plan will depend on the length of time and your personal project that you take on. There is a minimum charge of £500.

Your investment is relative to your circumstances and is negotiated between you and the NLP World Career Coach. This fee may be relative to your earnings and the coach’s costs.

We may ask you to fully consider difficult questions and give you tasks to achieve your plans in the world. Remember we guarantee your career goal. This is contingent on you carrying out any recommended actions we give to you.

If you were to look back in a few months from now, having used us and having made this happen in a relatively short space of time, what would that have been worth to you, now?

Your NLP World Career Coaching is guaranteed – we will work with you until you get the results that you want.

Call us now for your FREE consultants call, then we can evaluate whether you believe we can work with you successfully (and also whether we feel we can get a result with you).

You can be the judge as to whether working with an NLP World Career Coach is the right thing for you to do. We only invoice you when you take us on as your coach.

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