Unspecified Verb in NLP is part of the conscious use of language, whereby a practitioner would put two words or more together to encourage an internal mood to occur within a client.

In each sentence we speak there is an action being described which is specified by a verb. In the sentence “I run to the shops”, the action taking place is running. Like the subject, the action can be stated specifically or generally. In this example, we know that the action is running, but we don’t know if it is a fast or slow run, or even what route they are taking to the shops.

Another example would be where your council sends you a letter of improvement to the towns infrastructure coming up. You may consider that to be good news, yet you haven’t yet ascertained what these improvements would be or how they are going to do them.

As a practitioner, you can use this kind of language to intimate a change, yet leave it open to the clients unconscious mind how and where and the extent of the changes may be.