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Circle Of Excellence

The Circle of Excellence (also called ring of power) in is a tool using an imaginary circle on the floor as a spatial anchor to install new or additional resources relative to a situation where different behaviour or thinking is wished. It is often used as an anchoring exercise.

The Circle of Excellence is a basic self-anchoring process originally developed by Dr. John Grinder co-creator of NLP. Circle of Excellence can be used to elicit, create and stabilise desired states. The Circle of Excellence uses a kinaesthetic anchor to activate a moment of excellence, i.e. a moment in which you are at the top of a high state, in which you feel like superman/woman.

How do you attain the states to anchor?

Imagine a circle on the floor. Have the edges of the circle be flames or some energy that is powerful to you. Get into the state(s) you want to have. In your mind, imagine that state and ask yourself “what’s it like to be like this?” Conjure up the emotions, pictures, thoughts until the feeling is pulsing through your veins.

Then step into the circle, taking these states with you. Feel the intensity, then when it starts to come down a little, step out. You can now test the circle by stepping in once more without having to do anything, apart from experience what’s happening.

If you want to use this circle in a dissociated way, view it with all those states included, with you inside as well. In this circle there is a picture of you, being in a specific state. This picture of you behaves the way you want to behave when you are in this state. You can then place this image to wherever you want it to be. At a meeting, a presentation, with a colleague.

You can use The Circle of Excellence, to utilise anchors that you already have set up. This time, set off the anchor when you step into the circle. When you walk into this circle, you will be in the specific states. Build them (stack) until you have many anchors inside the circle.

Another possibility of using the Circle of Excellence is by imagining another person, your idol or a character in a movie and placing this picture into the circle. You can be like them if you wish, or have the feeling of being with them and sharing the values/states you feel that they have.

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