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NLP States relate to our internal emotional condition. In NLP we believe that the state determines our results, and so we are careful to be in states of excellence. In NLP, our Internal Representations, plus our State, and our physiology results in our Behaviour.

Our NLP Practitioner Courses provide training in how to manage your state, access empowerment and resourcefulness and remain in that state.

Techniques for NLP State management include:

The NOW State (A state of awareness).

Circle of Excellence (a technique to connect to your most resourceful inner state).

Resource Anchors (a technique to use when going into challenging situations to empower you and connect you to internal resources).

Conversational Anchoring (a technique for helping a client overcome triggers).


Negative states can be very debilitating. Many organisations suffer from under-performance as a consequence of negative states. More and more business owners and leaders are learning about NLP and realise that it can have a profound impact on business results.

When you learn NLP tools to manage your state, you can work with the triggers of the State and give the mind a different route. A strategy that will enable you to default to a more resourceful State.

We provide full training in this subject on our 7 day Practitioner Courses.





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