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WARNING:  This is a very “hard” technique.  (It’s like a sledge hammer.)  If you begin it, you must complete it.  When you finish, the client must have a positive future representation of what they will do without the problem.  If there is a compulsion and a revulsion you must blow out both.


  1. Elicit a description of the thing compulsed about
  2. Elicit a description of something similar, but not compulsed about


Compulsed                Non-compulsed

EG:      Pistachio                         Peanuts

Ice cream                         Yogurt


  1. Get SubModality differences
  2. Test the differences for drivers


If you have an SMD which is infinite in extent then do a really fast continuous increase as in Method #1.  Otherwise use Method #2.


Method #1


  1. If Size or any other infinite driver, blow up beyond known universe.
  2. Initially feeling of compulsion will increase
  3. At some point it will pop, or blow out

Method #2


  1. Use ratchet method (like a car jack)
  2. Crank it like a jack
  3. They will go over the top

Both techniques use 8-10 to complete.


  1. Wait till the client settles down — 5 minutes
  2. Test by having them make a picture, no compulsion
  3. Swish old picture with new picture.
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