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Context Reframe

Context (or even context reframe) in NLP is the particular setting or situation in which the content occurs. We have found that all meaning is context dependent; for instance a bikini is fine on a beach but if worn in exactly the same weather on a normal street or at work, the meaning of that action will change dramatically!

Context framing is giving another meaning to a statement by changing the context you first found it in. You literally take the problem to another place where it doesn’t mean the same thing anymore. A context reframe leaves the meaning of the behaviour the same and shows how the meaning will appear different when placed somewhere else.

A: “I am too pushy.”B: Content reframe: “How can you use that on yourself to get more done in the day and not worry about anyone else!” B: Context reframe: “Compared to who, Hitler?”

A: “I procrastinate all the time; I just can’t get things done.”B: Content/context reframe: “That’s a great skill to have; especially when you apply it to overeating – just put off having that second helping at lunch until teatime. Lucky you.”B: Context reframe: “I guess if you were building a universe, a day is a very long time!”

A: “I wish I did not focus on what could go wrong.”B: Content reframe: “Focusing your wish to the intention of the opposite is definitely a good start. I’m glad you came to see me.”B: Context reframe: “With that kind of focus you could build the best spaceship today…they need people who can spot mistakes easily!”

Behaviour can be evaluated and appreciated or changed as appropriate in the context presented.

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