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Dissociated in NLP is the relationship you have with a memory that is unattached to you in feeling or critical importance. If it was a picture, you may see your whole body in it.

In business about 50% of decision makers will use this facility. They can take more stress than anyone else because they won’t feel the “pain” as much as associated people.

They may have learned how to switch off the feelings or be trained to do it.

If you were to float up in the air and look down on yourself, you would be dissociated in NLP terms.

Knowing how to help a client be Dissociated is very important for NLP Practitioners.

Here are some examples of when you would want a client to be Dissociated:

Going back to memories when clearing phobias.

When a memory is so upsetting that the client is unable to work.

When the client is stuck inside the emotion and story of the problem and you want to break state so that you can start change work.

Working with trauma.

Using the perceptual positions technique.


Outside of being an NLP Practitioner, the ability to be dissociated is useful for stressful situations, preventing emotional reactions to triggers, controlling nerves, gaining a more objective view of a situation and many more situations. It’s extremely useful to have the tools and ability to detach and see the facts of a situation without being clouded by the emotion.

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