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De-Identification Pattern

The De-Identification Pattern is used as a Master Technique to take away any labels a client may have that could limit them.


Useful for challenging and transcending boundary conditions associated with complex equivalences.   Complex equivalences are language construction of identification.  With a slight adjustment of language, you can use this easily on yourself therapeutically or as a meditation if you continue to repeat steps 3 through 6.


  1. Elicit the identification in the form of a Complex Equivalence. Look for:
  • the verb “to be”
  • Or “Means”


  1. Pace and feedback the complex equivalence (for instance “I am a mother” you say “Ok, you are a mother..”)


  1. “Is that all you think you are?” (Look for a physiological shift.)


  1. “Aren’t you more than that?” (There should be agreement.)


  1. “What are you that’s not (e.g. a mother)?”

We want a verbal answer here.  (You have expanded the identification that encompasses a larger neural network.  You need a word to stabilize the shift.)


  1. “And beyond (the word elicited in #5), is that all you are? How much more are you than that?”

For extra leverage:

“You do know you are more than that, don’t you?”


  1. “How do you know?”

– Anchors the change to the client’s reality strategy.

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