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An NLP Metaphor is a story that is relevant and symbolic, which allows us to bypass conscious resistance of the client and to have the client make connections at a deeper level.

Using an NLP Metaphor will enable you to make suggestions to the client at a deeper level, which will be received by the unconscious mind and translated into actions to improve their circumstances.

A great NLP Metaphor will be structured to address a specific challenge that the client may be facing and will include the challenge, the action and the resolution.

When using an NLP Metaphor, you can communicate vast amounts of information in one small package that is more interesting and meaningful for the unconscious mind. Using a metaphor ignites curiosity and therefore removes the likelihood of important information being deleted or distorted.

Metaphors are widely used within successful training programmes and very popular to use during hypnosis.

Aside from these fundamental applications, metaphors are ideal for passing any important message during any communication.

Any time you are communicating and would like your message to be remembered and understood at a deeper level, you can consider what your message is similar to in life and then turn it into a metaphor which will deliver more impact and meaning from your communication.

For example, a metaphor for NLP could be:

The gardening tools to maintain and grow the mind garden, clearing out old weeds and planting the right seeds.

The engineer of the mind, that accesses the system, checks the wiring and fixes any faults that block the efficiency and productivity of the system.

Using NLP Metaphors can achieve significant time-saving, therefore it is particularly useful when you are speaking to new clients on the phone, discussing what you can provide or handling price objections. They can be short or built into a deeper, longer story.

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