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Mind read

A Mind read is claiming to know someone else’s thoughts without having enough information to be accurate.

A Mind read is a language pattern from the Milton Model and is used for the purposes of removing resistance from your potential audience. You can see an example of the Milton Model in use in our video here.

When using this language pattern, it’s important to consider information which is hard to deny. The phrase that you use needs to be something so likely that it’s difficult to dispute.

Here is an example:

Situation: You’re leading a training session

Mind read: You might be wondering what you will gain from today’s training session

Other examples of NLP Mind Reads include:

You might be wondering what you can expect from this coaching session

You might be thinking this is just another sales call

You might be curious about the price

You’re probably keen to know how this knowledge applies to your life

You might be thinking I’m here to sell to you


Once you have delivered the mind read, you can go on to express your key message, with enhanced rapport and engagement.

Using a Mind read with the right tone, intention and conscious consideration will open doors for your communication to be received at a deeper level.

The application of this language pattern is extremely useful for NLP Practitioners and Hypnotherapists.

In addition to the benefits during client sessions, NLP Mind-reads are one of the many language patterns utilised by public speakers and presenters worldwide.


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