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Quantum in NLP terms is the field where logic and calculations end and a matrix of possibilities occur instead!

In quantum physics, Niels Bohr – did the famous experiment ‘observing’ atoms and came to some astounding conclusions that rocked science and philoshophy.

He was born Oct. 7, 1885, Copenhagen, Den. d. Nov. 18, 1962, Copenhagen; and was a physicist who was the first to apply the quantum theory, which restricts the energy of a system to certain discrete values, to the problem of atomic and molecular structure. For this work he received the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1922. He developed the so-called ‘Bohr theory of the atom and liquid model of the atomic nucleus.’

That’s all well and good in techy speak, but what he really discovered is that there has never been an unobserved atom and that you only see the end result of one; which has been proved to react to the observer!

In philosophical terms this meant that the observer will always have an effect on the experiment.

How is this useful?

Well, if your observations about your life actually change your life then what you perceive is what you will be creating as well.

All problems are observations! This makes it a lot easier to deal with problems if you know they have been observed into reality.

In Bohrs experiement he measured light for being a particle or wave. He found the light would either act as a particle OR a wave depending on his experiment!

Back to the drawing board for the scientists as they were just about to shut the door on science and say they could calculate everything.

Roll on the era of the quantum!

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