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Tag Questions

Tag questions enable the speaker to assume the previous statement to be considered internally, as in; “ This is something you are interested in……….. isn’t it?”

Tag questions are one of the language patterns from the Milton Model. They are extremely useful for public speaking, training, meetings, hypnosis and many other types of communication.

When Tag questions are asked, the audience or individual you are communicating with is transported back to the previous statement to consider it, therefore deepening the message and making it more likely to be remembered and utilised into the future.

Here are some examples:

This is something that can benefit you……… isn’t it?

We have covered a lot of valuable information……….. haven’t we?

We are all making valuable contributions……aren’t we?

You are discovering more about yourself…. .didn’t you?

Committing to this training means that you can get great value from being here……doesn’t it?

As you’re listening you’re learning……..aren’t you?

To use Tag questions effectively, it’s important to pause between the statement and the question. The mind believes you’re flowing into something else and then the question takes them back in time to consider it.

As with all communication, the tonality you use with the language pattern has a significant impact.



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