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NLP Values are high-level generalizations that describe that which is important to you. In NLP sometimes called criteria.

NLP Values can be thought of as the buttons that either attract or repel us in life. They determine if we are going towards or away from a result.

To elicit NLP Values you need to have rapport and awareness, then you can use the key question: What’s important to you about…?

This can apply to any area of your life. We have values in all contexts including: relationships, family, spirituality, wealth, health, career and the relationship with ourselves.

The process of eliciting NLP Values to work with a client involves establishing what’s important, the heirarchy of importance and why they are important.

When you use values to facilitate a change for a client, you can clean up the values system and align the values to the client goals, setting them up to go towards the life they want, rather than away from a life they don’t want.

The process of working with NLP Values is a highly successful coaching tool used by Master Practitioners of NLP and organisations worldwide.

Working with values and beliefs is the key to unlocking the mind-set. Leaders of organisations and teams often manage performance by addressing skill gaps, yet regardless of how many skills an employee has, they won’t use those skills if their values and belief system does not work in harmony with them. That’s why this is such a powerful tool in business, elevating performance and employee engagement.


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