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Visual in NLP is the Representational System dealing with the sense of sight. It can be internal or external.

Often people with visual learning style use words like see, picture, sight, looks, view, overview, focus, clear, hazy, vision, twinkle and phrases like an eyeful, it appears to me, take a look at, beyond a shadow of a doubt, dim view of things, get a perspective on, mind’s eye, rose tinted glasses, tunnel vision, big picture thinking.

Visual people look at the world through visual images and understand by making pictures of the meaning. They are often gazing over your head or off to one side; this is because they are literally looking at the pictures or movies they are creating while you are speaking.
Looks are very important to visual people. When dealing with them, remember the old saying: “a picture’s worth a thousand words”. These are the people who really do form first impressions.
In a sales situation (and we are all selling something most of the time, be it selling our children on the idea of tidying their rooms or our significant others on the idea of going out for dinner) you want to give these people something to look at. This can be quite literal (show them the product, give them glossy, Technicolor brochures) or can be a visual description of the benefits they will get from doing whatever it is.
To other visual people it will come as no surprise that there are people who can walk into a car showroom and buy “that car there!”. It looks right to them. They can see themselves driving it.

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